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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


[2] Demographic restructuring of Indian society.

People of India who declare in the Census that they are adherents of religions born on Indian soil, that is Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains constituted 84.21% of the total Indian population in 2001.  In 1941, the proportion adjusted for Partition was 84.44%. This figure hides the fact that Hindus resident in undivided Pakistan have migrated to post- Partition India which is why the share of Hindus and co-religionists have barely reduced since 1941.  In the area now called Bangladesh, Hindus were 30% in 1941.  In 2001 they are less than 8%.  In Pakistan of today, Hindus were 20% in 1941, and less than 2% in 2001.  Such ethnic cleansing has not been noticed by anybody.  If the figures are adjusted for this migration, then in the five decades 1951-2001, Hindus have lost more 3 percent points in share of Indian population, while Muslims have increased their share by about 3%. What is even more significant is that Hindus have lost 12% points since 1881, and the loss in share has begun to accelerate since 1971 partly due to illegal migration from Bangladesh.

The lack of Hindu unity and the determined bloc voting in elections by Muslims and Christians has created a significantly large leverage for these two religious communities in economic, social and foreign policy making.  Although uniform civil code is a directive principle of state policy in the Constitution, it is taboo to ask for it because of this leverage.  Politicians fearing backlash anger of Christian and Muslim preachers are also unable to defend the need for continuation of a law to ban religions conversions that occur through inducements and coercion. In the case of Tamil Nadu, in 2004 the US Consul General in Chennai called on the Chief Minister to seek reversal of such a statute [].  He had been empowered raise this issue by a 1998 Act of US Congress on religious freedom.  Incidentally, the AIADMK was administered a blistering defeat in the 2004 Parliament elections by a total consolidation of Muslim and Christian votes against the party because it’s government had got passed such a law.  After the elections, a humbled Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalitha capitulated and got the law annulled.  I have now put the US administration to test by asking the Ambassador in New Delhi if the US would be even handed by asking the TN Chief Minister whether she will withdraw all the bogus cases foisted on the Kanchi acharyas.

The continued rise in the share of Muslims and Christians in the total population is a threat to the Hindu foundation of the nation. And we have to find ways and means to meet this threat. Kerala is a state where the Hindu population declined from 69% in 1901. In 100 years to 2001, the share has fallen to 56%. Muslims are now 25% and Christians 19%.  But Hindus share in agricultural activities has fallen to 24%, while for Christians the share has risen to 40%.  For Muslims it is 33%.  In commerce and industry too the same proportions obtain, while in foreign employment, Hindus share is just 19%, Muslims 49.5% and Christians 31.5%.

In the land fertile districts of Western UP, from Rampur to Saharanpur, Muslims due to a much higher population growth rate are now 40% of the population.  Six of the 14 districts of Assam in the northeast are already Muslim majority, and by 2031, all fourteen will be Muslim majority if present trends of differential population growth rate and illegal migration from Bangladesh continue.

In northeast India, minus Assam, 45.5% of the population is already Christian. Every one of the seven sisters states has a galloping Christian population. Arunachal which had zero Christian population in 1971, now has over 7%.

These two communities today fiercely safeguard their control of institutions spawned on public money besides receiving funds from abroad. Take for example the educational institutions. Jamia Millia Islamia University has been recognised as a central university with liberal government grants. But 88% of the faculty is Muslim. American College, Madurai’s faculty is 66% Christian. It’s junior faculty is 95% Christian. Union Christian College at Aluva, Kerala has 83% Christian faculty. There are no exceptions. All institutions run by Muslims and Christians have grossly disproportionate share of their religionists.  It is only recently that Allahabad High Court struck down as unconstitutional the central university, the Aligarh Muslim University’s reserving more than 95 percent of the admissions and faculty positions for Muslims.  The Hindu tax payers money was used all these decades to fund the AMU!

Thus, differential application of family planning, non-uniform civil code, illegal migration, and induced religious conversion have together created a serious looming crisis for the Hindu character of the nation. We see what Muslim majority will mean to Hindus when we look at the situation in Kashmir. We can learn from how Muslim majority will treat minorities or even women of Muslim faith when we look around the world and study Islamic nations. This is because Muslim believe the world is divided as Darul Islam where Muslims are in a majority and are rulers, and Darul Harab in which Muslims are in a minority and are entitled by the Koran and Shariat, by hook or crook to transform these countries to Muslim ruled and/or Muslim majority. At present India is viewed as Darul Harab, and unless the Hindu majority compels or persuades the Muslim minority to enter into a contract to live in peace, whence India becomes Darul Ahad, the Muslim population will always play host to fanatics bent upon creating upheaval in India. That is why I am emphasizing that Muslims in India must declare that their origin and ancestors are Hindus, and that Hindustan is their matrubhoomi and karmabhoomi. Christians too have their view of the world as divided between heathens who have to be ‘saved’ by conversion and followers of Jesus Christ. Now with the publication of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and revelations about Opus Dei organization, Hindus have to go on high alert about Christian missionaries from abroad. Moreover, patriots concerned with the safeguarding of the Hindu foundation of the nation have to take note that conversion to Christian faith has been put on a war footing by entrepreneurs. In Dallas, Texas USA, the Global Pastors Network [GPN] held a conference and resolved that over the next fifteen years, the organization will support financially worldwide the construction of five million churches and conversion of one billion persons to Christianity. From India alone, the target is according the Evangelist Pat Robertson, 100 million persons.  Hence, Hindus are facing a terrible pincer: Islamic fast population growth and illegal migration, in conjunction with Christian money-- induced conversion activities. 

Hence, Hindus have to hang together or ultimately be hanged separately. This is no inflamed psychosis. Not long ago, despite being the overwhelming majority, Hindus had to pay discriminatory taxes to the Muslim and Christian emperors who were ruling India. Lack of unity was the reason, and not poverty. In fact when the onslaught and enslavement took place, India was the richest country in the world. Within 150 years thereafter we were reduced to the poorest in the world. Now if the demographic restructuring described herein goes on unchecked, then the danger becomes several fold than before. This Acharya Sabha may therefore please address this issue and give a guideline to the Hindu society.

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