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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Targeting Panches: A new challenge posed by terrorists

News Bharati English      Date: 9/28/2012 6:15:09 PM
Kashmir is in crisis again. Pakistani Islami Terrorists are now targeting the elected local representatives & their chiefs – Panch & SarPanch. Their strategy is to destabilise the political structure & derail the political process.
Time to knock some sense into the leadership.

 “An avalanche of resignation of Sarpanches in Kashmir,” is how an English news channel has defined the recent political crisis that has beset the valley. The serial resignations were triggered in the wake of killing of a deputy Sarpanch by unidentified gunmen in Wagoora area of Baramulla district. Earlier in the month a Sarpanch was killed in Palhallan Pattan area of the same district. Omar Abdullah, the beleaguered Chief Minister of the State was clearly out of his depth in a hastily convened press conference to give the response of the government to the growing sense of insecurity amongst the grass root leadership. “This year three Panchayat members have been killed in JK. If you compare it with states like Bihar and Maoists (Naxal)-hit states, this number is too small,” was the apathetic statement given by the Chief Minister.
When will Indian politicians learn to be more sensitive while addressing issues concerning human lives and welfare? Their propensity to degenerate all such debates to mere statistics is quite disgusting. It is not “only” three; “as many as three” is what the Chief Minister should be worried about and what he should be talking about.
Beyond this the Chief Minster tried to shift the blame to anybody and everybody that he could think of starting from the separatists and the PDP up to his own coalition partner – the Congress. Unable to get over his obsession with the Armed Forces Special Powers Act he made references to thinning of troops in some areas of Jammu and the valley to create the requisite manpower pool required to provide additional security to the Panches. It is a blessing that Omar is not a military commander because making public such strategic decisions even before they are implemented is the best recipe for a military disaster. Now the militants know exactly where to camp themselves for their next salvo.
The politics of statistics does not end here, over the last week or so the government of Jammu and Kashmir has been attempting to discredit the Army by insinuating that it has been exaggerating infiltration figures. Some valley based newspapers claimed that the JK Police has contested the figures of infiltration in the Uri sector released by the Army as being too high. The Chief Minister in his press conference also made an oblique, sarcastic comment in this regard. While referring to the matter he said, ““If it is true, what they (Army) are doing on the line of control. But one thing I can tell with authority that violence levels have reduced and militancy related incidents have declined.” This is a classic example of playing politics to deflect attention.
Beyond the indifferent response of the majority party in the ruling coalition the very serious problem is now showing signs of blooming into a veritable political and media circus. The entire Congress leadership of the state is now camping in Srinagar to keep a close watch on the proceedings and move in for the kill should an opportunity present itself. Even Rahul Gandhi, Omar’s good friend and mentor, is now on a collision course with the National Conference with regard to implementation of the 73rd Amendment in J&K, bitterly opposed by Omar. This apart, while the Chief Minister is insisting that all is well on the security front, Ghulam Nabi Azad has expressed concern over the security situation; “We are concerned that after a long time militancy is again taking its head out,” he is reported to have said on September 25th at Srinagar. Now who should one believe?
It goes without saying that the matter of killing of Sarpanches followed by mass resignation is quite alarming. It is definitely not something that can be trivialised as is happening presently. It calls for a regrouping of forces to fight a new challenge posed by the terrorists and their mentors; it requires joint action and more than that a joint front against a menacing enemy; something that does not seem to be happening. Instead we have to deal with a petulant administration very obviously put off by the flak that it is getting for not being able to control the situation.
Not much can be achieved by pointing fingers or indulging in a blame game; lessons need to be drawn from the time when terrorists posed security challenges and the entire state machinery, the security forces and the people joined as one to counter them. Take for example the time when terrorists started resorting to stand off grenade attacks which caused mass killing of innocents and destruction of property. A joint strategy was put in place; participation of the people was requested for and obtained. As a result, the challenge posed by the terrorists was effectively countered. Similarly, in this latest challenge also all stakeholders need to put their differences aside and join forces to find a credible counter. In this case it is all the more important because politics and security will essentially form the main prongs of the evolved strategy.
It also has to be acknowledged that the security situation in the state is not normal and not much can be achieved by trying to paint a rosy picture. Even television anchors sitting thousands of kilometres away from the scene of action are not convinced by the arguments put forward by the spokespersons of the government, how can the people who are directly affected be misguided? In an adverse situation, acceptance of the circumstances leads to winning half the battle.
The terrorists have posed a new challenge to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the government should accept the challenge on behalf of the people and defeat the enemy as has been done on so many earlier occasions, those who have sacrificed their lives deserve this much

नक्षलवाद्यांच्या विरोधात सुरक्षा यंत्रणेनी आखलेली रणनीती तुटपुंजी?

नक्षलवादाचे आव्हान: चीनचे भारताशी छुपे युध्द -ब्रिगेडिअर हेमंत महाजन, युध्द सेवा मेडल
नक्षलवाद्यांच्या विरोधात सुरक्षा यंत्रणेनी आखलेली रणनीती तुटपुंजी?आंध्र प्रदेशातील करीम नगर जिल्ह्यातून वाहणारी गोदावरी नदी आणि आदिलाबाद जिल्ह्यातून वाहणारी प्राणहिता नदी पार करून नक्षली महाराष्ट्राच्या सीमेतील सिरोंचा तहसील क्षेत्रात प्रवेश करतात. येथून इंद्रावती नदी पार करून ते छत्तीसगढमध्ये आरामात प्रवेश करतात. घनदाट जंगले आणि नद्यांच्या मार्गाने पोलिसांना चकविणे सोपेही जाते. नक्षलवाद्यांविरोधात नेमकी रणनीती सुरक्षा यंत्रणांनाही आखता येत नसल्याने त्यांचा चकमकीत सहज जीव जातो.
प्रामुख्याने वनक्षेत्रात ते कार्यरत आहेत. महाराष्ट्रातील गढचिरोली, चंद्रपूर, गोंदिया, यवतमाळ, भंडारा व नांदेडचा किनवट नक्षलग्रस्त आहे. एका राज्यात घातपात घडवायचा आणि दुसऱ्या राज्यात पसार व्हायचे, असा प्रकारही महाराष्ट्र, आंध्र प्रदेश, छत्तीसगढच्या सीमा भागांत तसेच आंध्र प्रदेश-ओरिसा, छत्तीसगढ-ओरिसाच्या सीमा भागांत सुरू असल्याने पोलीस यंत्रणा हैराण आहे.
माओवाद्यांकडे चीन-अमेरिका प्राप्त अद्ययावत शस्त्रास्त्रे
आज सर्वाधिक हिंसक ठरलेल्या या आंदोलनाबाबत राजकीय इच्छाशक्तीचाच नव्हे तर निर्णयशक्तीचा अभाव हे देखील या आंदोलनाच्या विस्ताराचे एक कारण ठरले आहे. विरोधी पक्ष या आंदोलनाला सामाजिक समस्या मानतो आणि सत्तेत येताच हा कायदा व सुव्यवस्थेचा प्रश्न मानतो. वंचित समाजाची उपेक्षा आणि धनाढयांना झुकते माप राजकीय पक्ष देतात, ही भावना जोवर धगधगती आहे तोवर या प्रश्नाचा कायमस्वरुपी निकाल मात्र लागणार नाही, हे सूर्यप्रकाशाइतके स्वच्छ आहे. आज नक्षलवाद्यांकडे व माओवाद्यांकडे चीन, अमेरिका, मधील अद्ययावत शस्त्रास्त्रे आहेत श्रीलंकेतील तामिळींच्या लिबरेशन टायगर्स ऑफ तामिळ इलम या संघटनेने त्यांना लष्करी प्रशिक्षण दिल्याचेही स्पष्ट झाले आहे.
रामायण काळात दंडकारण्य म्हणून ओळखले जाणारे क्षेत्र म्हणजे महाराष्ट्र, छत्तीसगढ आणि आंध्र प्रदेशांच्या सीमेवरचे जंगल. महाराष्ट्र-छत्तीसगढ सीमेवरील घनदाट पर्वतीय क्षेत्र म्हणजे अबुझमाड. हा नक्षलवाद्यांचा सर्वांत मोठा व मोक्याचा अड्डा. या जंगलात जायला सामान्य माणूस धजावत नाही. पोलिसांची गोष्ट तर दूरच. त्यामुळे नक्षलवादी प्रामुख्याने याच भागात राहतात. तेथेच शस्त्रप्रशिक्षण दिले जाते, बैठका होतात, घातपाताच्या योजना आखल्या जातात.
अबूझमाड घनदाट जंगल लपण्यासाठी, प्रशिक्षणासाठीक्रूरपणाही आता नक्षलवाद्यांच्या रक्तात भिनला आहे. पूर्वी फक्त गोळ्या घालणारे नक्षलवादी आता हत्या करताना क्रौर्याची सीमा ओलांडतात. मतदान केले तर हाताची बोटे तोडणे, डोळे फोडणे, पोलिसांचे हाल हाल करून मारणे, हातपाय तोडणे असे निर्घृण प्रकार केले जातात. माणुसकीला काळिमा फासणाऱ्या पद्धतीने केलेल्या हत्यांनी सर्व परिसरात दहशत पसरते. आपल्याच आदिवासी बांधवांची हत्या करायला देखील नक्षलवादी मागे-पुढे पाहत नाहीत. त्यांचे प्रमुख ठाणे झालेल्या छत्तीसगढमध्ये प्रामुख्याने माडिया, गोंड, डराव आदी आदिवासींची स्वतंत्र अस्तित्व जपणारी संस्कृती आहे. सुरूवातीला नक्षलवादी छत्तीसगढच्या जंगलात केवळ आसऱ्यासाठी येत असत. 21 व्या दशकात बस्तर भागात नक्षलवाद्यांनी कारवाया सुरू केल्या. दंतेवाडा जिल्ह्यातील आदिवासी भागात नक्षलवाद्यांनी आपले ठाणे केले. आंध्र प्रदेश, महाराष्ट्र व ओरिसा या राज्यांची सीमा त्या ठिकाणी येते. सीमा भागात सर्व जंगल असल्याने निश्चित अशी सीमारेषा नाही.
आर्थिक कारणेनक्षलवाद आताच्या काळात अचानक फोफावण्याची आर्थिक कारणे भरपूर आहेत. नक्षलबहुल आदिवासी क्षेत्रातील जंगलात अफाट खनिज संपत्ती आहे. त्याकडे साऱ्यांचे लक्ष आहे. दंतेवाडाजवळ पोलाद प्रकल्पासाठी एस्सार कंपनी जमीन मिळविण्याच्या तयारीत आहे. बैलदिला व विशाखापट्टणम यांना जोडणारी माती, खनिजे वाहून नेणारी एस्सारची पाइपलाइन जंगलातून नेण्यासाठी मोठया क्षेत्रफळाच्या जागेची गरज आहे. छत्तीसगढमधील लोहंडीगुड येथे टाटाचा एक मोठा प्रकल्प साकारत आहे. या पोलाद प्रकल्पासाठी कंपनीला जागा लागणार आहे. याशिवाय जलविद्युत प्रकल्प, जगदाळपूर-दिल्ल-राजहारा रेल्वेमार्ग व पोलवरम धरण अशा भविष्यातील मोठया प्रकल्पांमुळे छत्तीसगढमधील अनेक आदिवासी विस्थापित होणार आहेत. ज्या दंतेवाडा जिल्ह्यात नक्षलवादी हल्ले झाले, तेथे माओवाद्यांनी तलाव बांधले, हजार रोपे लावली अशी माहिती पत्रकांद्वारे माओवादी प्रसारमाध्यमांना देतात.
नक्षलवाद्यांशी टक्कर ज्या-ज्या राज्यात नक्षलवादाचा प्रभाव आहे, त्या-त्या सर्व राज्यांबरोबर योग्य असा समन्वय साधून, नक्षलवादाच्या समूळ बंदोबस्ताची कृती करण्याची वेळ आता आली आहे. परंतु समन्वय साधून आणि सामंजस्यपूर्ण भूमिका घेऊन सर्वांसाठीच भीषण ठरलेला नक्षलवादाचा हा भस्मासुरी प्रश्न एकदाच निकालात काढायचा का नाही, हे या नेत्यांनी ठरवायचे आहे. वास्तवात, त्यांची भूमिका उथळपणाची दिसते आहे.
पोलीस दलामध्ये सुधारणा व्हावी यासाठी राष्ट्रीय पोलीस कमिशन त्यासाठी प्रयत्न करत आहेत. पोलीस मुख्यालय, व्हीआयपी, सेलिब्रिटी यांच्यावर लक्ष केंद्रीत करण्याची मानसिकता आता बदलली पाहिजे. व्हीआयपी पेक्षा सामान्य माणूस अधिक महत्त्वाचा.
दुर्दैवाने राज्यकर्त्यांनी घेतलेले झोपेचे सोंग अजूनही कायम. देशाच्या एकसंधतेला अंतर्गत धोका निर्माण झाला आहे त्यामुळेच चीन, बांगलादेश, पाकिस्तान, नेपाळ, म्यानमार या देशांकडून असलेला धोकाही वाढला आहे. सुरक्षेसाठी कठोर उपाय न राबवणाऱ्या राज्यांवर, दहशतवादी हल्ले करतच राहणार. मूलतत्ववादी संघटना यांच्या माध्यमातून भारतातील निधर्मवाद संपवण्याचा आणि धर्मांधता पसरवण्याचा प्रयत्न कायम राबवणार. हवालाच्या माध्यमातून देशाचा आर्थिक विकास डळमळीत होत राहणार. मीडियाच्या माध्यमातून नक्षलवाद्यांच्या, दहशतवाद्यांच्या मागण्या आपल्यापर्यंत पोहोचणार. त्यामुळेच आता तरी किमान एकत्र येऊन या सगळ्याच्या विरोधात प्रत्येकानेच लढण्याची गरज आहे
सरकार जाणवू द्यागडचिरोलीतील आदिवासींना तिथे सरकार असल्याची जाणीव करून द्या, ऍक्शन प्लान
- नक्षलवाद्यांना सडेतोड प्रत्युत्तर द्या- जवान व पोलिसांचे मनोधैर्य वाढवा- आदिवासींना भयमुक्त करा- गडचिरोलीत प्रशासनाची जाणीव करून द्या- केंद्रीय निधीचा योग्य वापर करा- गडचिरोलीकरिता 55 कोटी मंजूर नक्षलवाद्यांच्या तुलनेत सुरक्षा दलांच्या कारवाया तोकड्या आहेत. गडचिरोलीत ग्रीन हंट मोहीमेची तसेच विकासकामांची गती मंद आहे, हजारो जवान तैनात असूनही नक्षलवाद्यांवर दबाव निर्माण करता आलेला नाही.
राज्य शासनाचा प्रतिसाद
नक्षलवाद्यांविरोधातील कारवाईत झारखंड सरकार अकार्यक्षम
नक्षलवाद्यांविरोधात कारवाई करण्यात भाजपच्या अधिपत्याखालील झारखंड सरकार अत्यंत अकार्यक्षमपणे काम करीत असल्याची टीका केंद्रीय गृहमंत्री पी. चिदंबरम यांनी केली. राज्यात माओवाद्यांचा हिंसाचार वाढीस लागल्याचे वारंवार इशारे देऊनही या संघटनेविरोधात कारवाई करण्यात राज्य सरकार गांभीर्याने प्रयत्न करीत नाही, असेही चिदंबरम यांनी नमूद केले. झारखंडचे मुख्यमंत्री अर्जुन मुंडा यांना गृहमंत्र्यांनी नक्षलवाद्यांच्या हिंसक कारवायांचा सर्वांत जास्त फटका गेल्या वर्षी झारखंड राज्याला बसला असून ही बाब अत्यंत चिंताजनक आहे, याकडे लक्ष वेधले आहे. याची योग्य दखल घेऊन मुंडा यांनी राज्याचे पोलीस दल अधिक मजबूत करावे आणि नक्षलवाद्यांविरोधातील कारवाईचा वेग वाढवावा, असे आवाहनही चिदंबरम यांनी केले. नक्षलवाद्यांविरोधातील कारवाई गेल्या वर्षी दुर्दैवाने तितकीशी परिणामकारक ठरली नाही. माओवाद्यांनी सुरक्षा दलांच्या अधिकाऱ्यांना ठार मारले तेव्हाही त्यास तसेच कडवे प्रत्युत्तर देण्यासाठी गंभीर प्रयत्न करण्यात आले नाहीत, असेही ते म्हणाले.
ओरिसात नक्षलवाद्यांच्या कारवाया वाढल्याओरिसाच्या मागास आणि आदिवासीबहुल विभागांत नक्षलवाद्यांच्या कारवाया वाढत चालल्या आहेत. नक्षलवाद्यांच्या वाढत्या हिंसाचारामुळे गेल्या तीन वर्षांपासून देशाच्या अंतर्गत सुरक्षेला धोका तर निर्माण झालाच. पण ओरिसा, बिहार, छत्तीसगड आणि झारखंड या राज्यांना प्राणहानीच्या रूपाने त्याची किंमत सुद्धा मोजावी लागली. गेल्या 10 वर्षांत नक्षलवाद्यांच्या हिंसाचारात या चार राज्यांतील 85% जण ठार झाले आहे. म्हणून नक्षल विरोधी अभियान या राज्यात जोरात सुरू केले पाहिजे. केवळ सुरक्षा दलांचे जवानच नव्हे, तर सामान्य नागरिकांनाही नक्षलवाद्यांनी लक्ष्य केले आहे. पोलिसांचा खबऱ्या असल्याच्या संशयावरून एखाद्याची हत्या करणे, भूसुरूंगाचे स्फोट करून जवान आणि निष्पाप नागरिकांच्या हत्या करणे अशा घटना या भागांत दररोज घडत आहेत. ओरिसाच्या सुमारे साठ टक्के विभागात नक्षलवाद्यांचा प्रभाव वाढला आहे. यावरून या समस्येचे गांभीर्य लक्षात यावे.
बिहारी चक्रव्यूह पैसे उकळणे चालू ज्या भागात मोठया प्रमाणावर खनिज उत्पादन होते त्या भागात त्यांनी आदिवासी आणि श्रीमंत भांडवलदार यांना संरक्षण द्यायच्या नावाखाली त्यांच्याकडून पैसे उकळणे चालू ठेवले. सरकार भांडवलदारांच्या बाजूने असते तिथे हे नक्षलवादी आदिवासींच्या बाजूने आपण आहोत असे दाखवतात. पण सरकार जिथे आदिवासींसाठी काही उपक्रम राबवायचे म्हणते तिथे त्यांना त्यापासून रोखून धरले जाते. गेल्या वर्षी केंद्राने बेकायदेशीर कारवाया प्रतिबंधक कायदा केला आणि नक्षलवाद्यांच्या या पक्षावर बंदी घातली, तेव्हापासून त्यांचा असंख्य भागात सुळसुळाट सुरू झाला आहे. सरकारी आकडेवारीनुसार नऊ राज्ये आणि जिल्हे यांना नक्षलवाद्यांनी ग्रासलेले आहे. त्यांच्या हुकमतीखाली 15-20,000 पर्यंत मोठी फौज आहे. प्रामुख्याने पोलिसांच्या मार्गात सुरूंग पेरणे, त्यांना ठार करणे, पोलिसांच्या खबऱ्यांना धडा शिकवणे, पोलिसांची शस्त्रे पळवून नेऊन ती त्यांच्यावरच उलटवणे, अशा कितीतरी प्रकारच्या कारवाया त्यांनी हाती घेतल्या.
अफगाणिस्तानच्या डोंगराळ प्रदेशात असलेले तालिबानी दहशतवादी टोळीवाले ज्या पद्धतीने अफूच्या चोरटया व्यापारातून पैसा मिळवतात त्याप्रमाणे बिहारमध्ये किशनगंज आणि पूर्णिया या जिल्ह्यांमध्ये तर झारखंडमध्ये घाग्रा आणि गुमला भागात मक्याच्या पिकांमध्ये अफूची लागवड करून नक्षलवाद्यांना पैसा पुरवण्यात येतो, असे अलीकडेच प्रसिद्ध झालेल्या सुरक्षाविषयक अहवालामध्ये म्हटले आहे. आता या माओवाद्यांकडे आरडीएक्स पासून एके- पर्यंत असंख्य शस्त्रसाधने उपलब्ध आहेत. काही महत्त्वाच्या शहरांभोवतीचा प्रदेश हा त्यांनी वेढून टाकलेला आहे. फिलिपाईन्सच्या माओवादी कम्युनिस्टांनी या माओवाद्यांना प्रशिक्षण द्यायला प्रारंभ केल्याचेही गुप्तचर खात्याच्या माहितीत म्हटले आहे. त्याखेरीज ते काही भागात सरकारी धान्य दुकानांचे मालक बनून आदिवासींसाठी सरकारने पुरवलेल्या धान्याचाच काळाबाजार करतात, अशीही माहिती आता बाहेर आली आहे. आपल्याकडे असणारे अतिमानवतावादी लेखक-लेखिका या वास्तवापासून मात्र खूपच दूर असण्याची शक्यता आहे. या सर्व घडामोडी फारच गंभीर आहेत.
पश्चिम बंगालमध्ये घातपाती, हिंसक कारवाया माओवाद्यांनी पश्चिम बंगालच्या अनेक भागात घातपाती, हिंसक कारवाया करून अनेक निरपराधांची हत्या केली आहे. केंद्रीय राखीव पोलीस दल आणि विविध राज्यांची पोलीस दले यांतील अनेक पोलीस नक्षलवाद्यांच्या हल्ल्‌यांत हुतात्मा झाले आहेत. यापैकी कोणाहीबद्दल सहानुभूतीचा एक शब्दही ममतादीदींना सुचला नाही. आंध्रातील चकमकीत मरण पावलेल्या चिरुकुरी राजकुमार ऊर्फ आझाद या माओवाद्याबद्दल मात्र ममतादीदींनी दुःख व्यक्त केले. एकीकडे हिंसक मार्गांचा निषेध करायचा, नक्षलवाद्यांना शांततेचे आवाहन करायचे आणि दुसऱ्या बाजूला असा ङ्गनिवडक अश्रुपातङ्घ करायचा, अशी ममतादीदींची दुटप्पी नीती आहे. लालगड हा कमालीचा मागास राहिलेला भाग आहे.
आंध्रची चमकदार कामगिरीआंध्रप्रदेशात प्रवेश केला की, एकदम वेगळे चित्र बघायला मिळते. आंध्र पोलिसांनी केंद्रीय सुरक्षा दलांच्या मदतीशिवाय नक्षलवादाचा प्रभाव पार पुसून टाकला आहे. आधी या राज्यातील तब्बल 50 टक्के जिल्हे या चळवळीने ग्रस्त होते. आता केवळ खम्मस, वरंगल, करीमनगर, आदिलाबाद, विशाखापट्टनम या पाच जिल्ह्यातील काही तालुक्यात नक्षलवाद दिसतो. ही चळवळ संपवण्यासाठी केवळ ग्रे हाऊंड या प्रशिक्षित जवानांच्या फौजेचाच नव्हे तर, पोलीस व इतर सरकारी यंत्रणांचा हातभार व केलेली प्रभावी कामगिरी यामुळेच नक्षलवाद्यांना आता या प्रदेशात जनतेचा फारसा पाठिंबा राहिलेला नाही. आंध्रच्या ग्रे हाऊंडमध्ये सध्या पाच हजार जवान आहेत. ही कल्पना पोलीस महासंचालक के. दुर्गाप्रसाद यांची. त्यांनी केवळ जवानच तयार केले नाहीत तर, त्यांच्या दिमतीला स्वतंत्र गुप्तचर यंत्रणा (एसआयबी) उभी केली. मूळ वेतनाच्या 50 टक्के जास्त वेतन घेणाऱ्या या जवानांना ठिकठिकाणी नेमणूक न देता हैदराबादलाच ठेवण्यात आले व गुप्त माहितीच्या आधारावर स्थानिक पोलिसांना अजिबात न कळवता जंगलात मोहीमांसाठी पाठवण्यात आले. कोव्हर्ट या मोहीमेंतर्गत तर अनेक जवानांना चक्क नक्षलवाद्यांच्या दलममध्ये पाठवण्यात आले.
दलमच्याच गनिमी पद्धतीने काटा काढायला नंतर दलमच्याच गनिमी पद्धतीने त्यांचा काटा काढण्यात आला. या जवानांनी आदिवासींची भाषा आत्मसात केली. त्यांच्या मदतीला विशेष पोलीस अधिकारी होते. या राज्यात कोण विशेष पोलीस अधिकारी आहेत, हे त्या त्या जिल्ह्यातल्या पोलीस अधीक्षकांशिवाय कुणालाच ठाऊक नाही. ही ओळख दडवण्याचा खूप फायदा पोलिसांना झाला. याशिवाय, खबऱ्यांचे जाळे सर्व जिल्ह्यात विणण्यात आले. त्यांनी थेट हैदराबादशी संपर्क साधायचा, असे धोरण आखण्यात आले. ग्रे हाऊंडच्या जवानांना 7 दिवस काम नंतर 7 दिवस सुटी देण्याचा निकष कसोशीने पाळला गेला. यात सामील प्रत्येक जवानांना दरवर्षी उजळणी वर्गाला सामोरे जावे लागते. यात जो अनुत्तीर्ण होतो त्याला बाहेर काढले जाते. हे करतांनाच पोलीस व प्रशासनाने दुर्गम भागात रस्त्याचे जाळे विणायला सुरूवात केली. नक्षलवाद्यांनी अडवणूक केली तर त्यांना खंडणी द्या, पण रस्ता पूर्ण करा, असे तोंडी आदेश कंत्राटदारांना देण्यात आले. त्यामुळे आज या राज्यातील 90 टक्के गावे रस्त्याने जोडली गेली आहेत.
पुस्तक मिळण्यास काही त्रास होत असल्यास क्रुपया ९२२५२१०१३० वर आमच्याशी लगेच संपर्क करावा.

Friday, 28 September 2012


It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up
every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value.. We
publish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and
serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been
found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the
following diseases:
Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy,
excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine
diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation,
all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and
throat diseases.

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml
glasses of water
2.. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink
anything for 2 hours
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water
at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually
increase it to 4 glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and
others can enjoy a healthy life.

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to
cure/control/reduce main diseases:

1. High Blood Pressure (30 days)
2. Gastric (10 days)
3. Diabetes (30 days)
4. Constipation (10 days)
5. Cancer (180 days)
6. TB (90 days)
7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3
days in the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards – daily.

This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine
work in our life. Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.

This makes sense .. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their
meals ..not cold water. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit
while eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain...

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.

It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold
water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will
slow down the digestion.

Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be
absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food.. It will line the
Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to
drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

A serious note about heart attacks:

• Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going
to be the left arm hurting,
• Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.
• You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a
heart attack.
• Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.
• 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do
not wake up.
• Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep.. Let's be
careful and be aware.. The more we know, the better chance we could

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to everyone
they know, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life..


Turning Point India
1201, Sector 29, Arun Vihar, Noida – 201 303 (UP) (India)
Ph: 0120-2454344, Mob: 9818047092,
27035A/TPI/TT-3                                      16 September 2012
1. Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia,
Chief Justice of India,
Supreme Court of India,
Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 001
2.      Mr. V.S.Sampath,
Chief Election Commissioner of India
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi-110001
3. Mr. Vinod Rai,
Comptroller and Auditor General of India,
Pocket-9, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,
New Delhi-110124.
4. General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC
Chief of the Army Staff                                       
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Army)              
South Block, DHQ PO, New Delhi-110011
5.  Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne, PVSM, AVSM, VM                    
Chief of the Air Staff
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Air Force)
Vayu Bhawan, DHQ PO, New Delhi-110011
6. Admiral Nirmal Kumar  Verma,PVSM,AVSM, ADC                                               
Chief of the Naval Staff
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Navy)
South Block, DHQ PO, New Delhi-110011
Sovereignty and Integrity of India in Peril
Respected Sirs,
1. At the outset, I appeal to your magnanimity to kindly pardon me for impropriety, if any, in addressing you collectively like this. Collectively, you are the vision providers, navigators and powers who can save our Democracy from collapsing.  At a time when public confidence in the Government institutions is waning fast, you are the Institutions and authorities that still command people’s confidence and hope. 
2. I am bringing before you the issues and proposals that have been debated and deliberated for months by mature, experienced and highly responsible men and women of our society. Therefore, very humbly and most hopefully, I would request you to please mull over these submissions seriously and, more importantly, initiate pragmatic actions to purge and provide a fair, transparent, honest, efficient, and people friendly Democratic system that has been devoured by corruption and divisive forces of self-serving politics. Sovereignty and Integrity of India have never been in a more perilous state.
3.  Fully conscious of the pressure on your precious time, I shall be as concise as possible in conveying to you what we consider ‘aspirations of a distraught Nation’.
The External Threat Scenario
4. India is the only country in the world that has two of her major neighbours, both nuclear powers, with a history of wars and continuing animosities and suspicions – frequent peace and friendship initiatives notwithstanding. China, aspiring for global leadership, is befriending India’s closer neighbours like Srilanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and even Nepal while their faith in India is dwindling. In her quest to encircle India, China is steadily expanding her influence in the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific. In the west, the scene is even more worrisome. Attacks by the al Qaeda-Taliban terrorists on Pakistan’s high security installations have become more audacious and frequent, the latest being on Kamra air base, believed to be storing nuclear warheads. These attacks have laid bare the vulnerability of a beleaguered Pakistan which is fighting a losing war on many fronts besides its ongoing asymmetric war against terror. Tussle between the Judiciary and the Executive, resurging Islamist movements, rampant corruption and a failing economy with an S&P debt rating lowered to ‘CCC plus’ which is among the world’s lowest – all add up to make Pakistan more shaky and unstable. For India, a weak, strife-torn, unstable Pakistan is more dangerous than a strong, prosperous and stable Pakistan for obvious reasons. The vital question, however, is how prepared we are to play a proactive role in either eventuality.   
The Domestic Scenario
5. Rise of Sectarian/Divisive Politics: Divisive politics is flourishing with utter disregard to the constitutional safeguards as gangs like Shiv Sena and MNS brazenly go on the rampage every now and then driving away non-Marathas from Mumbai. Raj Thackray has the audacity to issue Fatwas to ban Hindi TV and banish all Biharis from Mumbai. In Mumbai again, a group of demonstrators raise Pakistani flag, destroy ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ and set vehicles and public property afire even as the police watched mutely. What is even more shocking is that the Government lumps it all so meekly and helplessly! At the national level, the politics of caste-community based quota, subsidy, and reservation has destroyed harmony and created rival groups within the society, while the poor - the so-called ‘beneficiaries’- still languish in perpetual poverty that spreads beyond caste boundaries. Rather than empowering the impoverished, the quota regime has only promoted ‘dependence’ of the needy. Hordes of foreign nationals continue to infiltrate illegally into India from Bangladesh and neither the State Government of Assam nor the Centre seems to know how to tackle the problem which recently erupted in violence taking toll of several lives and rendering thousands of people homeless. As if that was not enough, Indian citizens from NE states were hounded and targeted in metro cities as if they were aliens in their own country.  The very idea of India as a Nation is under threat!
6. Probity in Public Life Abandoned: Falling standard of probity among politicians is the bane of Indian Democracy today. Assets of MPs and MLAs quickly multiply into hefty fortunes, in many cases recording a staggering 100 to 1000 per cent growth even when there is no visible source of honest income. The CAG revelations in 2 G, CWG and Coal block allocations have exposed how forthcoming our politicians and bureaucrats are in compromising their integrity and character for quick personal gains. Some have surpassed limits and fallen to the bottom of moral depravity and, shockingly, even the law has been slower and softer on the likes of ND Tiwari, Gopal Kanda, Mahipal Maderna, Abhishek Singhvi and so on. MPs’ affidavits perused by the National Election Watch (NEW) revealed that more than 162 Lok Sabha MPs including some ministers are facing criminal cases in courts of law. Of these, 76 are involved in serious crimes like murder, rape, dacoity, cheating, kidnapping and so on.  Sadly, the number of tainted MPs has been steadily rising – there were 128 in the 14th Lok Sabha while now they are 162 in the 15th Lok Sabha – despite public outcry for Lokpal and repeated recommendations from India’s constitutional authorities at the highest level. Here is the evidence of stubborn inaction:
(a) The Election Commission of India recommended as far back as 1998 that ‘candidates with pending criminal cases should be debarred from contesting elections.’ The Commission had to reiterate it in 2004 but without any effect.
(b) The Law Commission of India similarly proposed in 1999 an amendment/insertion of Section 8B of Representation of People Act, 1951 that would make candidates facing charges by a court of law ineligible to contest elections.   Yet, no effect!    
(c) The National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution (NCRWC) also emphasised in their Report submitted in 2001 that “Any person convicted for any heinous crime like murder, rape, smuggling, dacoity etc should be permanently debarred from contesting for any political office”. Going a step further, the Commission also proposed that Political Parties giving ticket to such candidates should be ‘derecognised forthwith.’ No effect, yet again!
(d) The Second Administrative Reforms Commission in its final Report submitted in 2008 lent support to the Law Commission proposal for appropriate legislation to debar candidates with criminal background from entering legislatures.  To no avail whatsoever!
7.   Corrupt, Callous Governance: In its Corruption Perception Index of nations for the year 2011, Transparency International pegs India at level 95 recording a drop 11 notches below her previous year’s position among 178 countries of the world, a score that is far worse than countries like Morocco, Grenada, Zambia, Srilanka and many others in the category. Enviably viewed as one of  the world’s fastest growing Economies (BRIC), India’s growth story is annoyingly diminishing having already slid from 10.6 in 2010 to 7.2 in 2011 and may ‘collapse to 5 percent’ this year as cautiously admitted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself at the Planning Commission meeting on 15 September 2012. The logjam in which the Government is struck is so strange that the UPA partners, who should be supporting the Government, are criticising its policies and moves more bitterly than Opposition to extract more than their pound of flesh. At the core of all these negatives lies the official corruption which is tearing through the skies. Widely criticised domestically as well as globally for manipulating poverty statistics, our Planning Commission put 32 percent of India’s population below poverty line (BPL) whereas the World Bank puts it at 42 percent. Evidently, subsidies, reservations and populistic projects like MNREGA and other poverty alleviation schemes have ended up enriching only the corrupt officials, local politicians and touts at the cost of targeted beneficiaries. Misappropriating public money and perpetuating poverty in such a regime has become a lucrative business of the politico-bureaucratic nexus. Unconcerned about the rising public ire against official corruption, Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister of world’s largest Democracy disgraced it when in reply to a query from the press on 15 September 2012 in Pune he said, “earlier the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten." A live example of how corruption destroys moral fibre of the nation!
8. Systemic Paralysis: Bureaucrats are on a ‘pens down’ mode reportedly because they hesitate to take decisions for fear of getting caught as if honest working were so risky and no longer possible in government departments! Accountability has disappeared from the system. The state of crucial public utility services like government hospitals is horrific. Government schools are no better than cattle sheds. People fear police more than they fear criminals. Self respecting citizens no longer risk going to police stations to seek help because they find it easier to settle scores directly with the criminals than be exploited and insulted by police with no positive result in sight. No complaints against their rogue behaviour scares any government employee for, thanks to the shared booty of their ‘collections’, the boss would do no more than placate the complainant and hush up the matter to the delight of his delinquent subordinate. What has happened to the system that demanded efficiency, punctuality and fairness in official performance? The idea of Lokpal dates back to 1969 when the bill was first passed in the Lok Sabha.  Since then no other bill has been debated as much in and out of the Parliament. Teeming multitudes of humanity at Delhi’s Ramlila grounds for once forced the Parliament to adopt a ‘Sense of the House’ resolution favouring adoption of the Lokpal.  The agitation was called off, and so was the Lokpal bill.   
9. The Coalition Sophistry: Coalition governments have made a mockery of Democracy. Political parties that contest elections by rousing public passions against each other as avowed enemies trading abuses and allegations, suddenly have no compunction in forming unholy alliances with those very rivals soon after elections. This is grossly unethical, against the will of the electorate and, therefore, against the spirit of the constitution too. This is like gangs coming together to form a ‘Mafia Group’ rather than a ‘Government’ which they would manoeuvre to serve their narrow interests rather than peoples’. It must, therefore, be incumbent upon parties to first form an alliance and decide on a common Manifesto on which they intend to contest elections as partners so that the voter knows what kind of a government he is electing. Also, it is no secret that MPs were sold and purchased to save fledgling coalition governments twice on the floor of the Lok Sabha – the Narsimha Rao Government in 1993 and the Manmohan Singh Government in 2004. In the existing constitutional dispensation, it is possible for an otherwise insignificant group of legislators or even an individual to conspire with one of the rival groups in an evenly divided House and topple or alter a Coalition Government to arrogate unusual power and authority to themselves – a scenario that would be grossly against the mandate of the electorate, yet constitutionally permissible. We know how an independent MLA, Madhu Koda, now in jail for amassing an illegal wealth of Rs. 4000 crore, became Chief Minister of Jharkhand in 2006. In the present Coalition, the Prime Minister has himself confessed that he is working under ‘coalition compulsions’, implying that the Government does yield to blackmail and coercion from partners for its survival. This compulsive stranglehold of coalition partners has been the primary factor in paralysing the Government. By implication, such governments last as long as they serve vested interests of partners; public service is incidental.   Having messed up almost an entire monsoon session of the Parliament without transacting useful business, the Government is now frantically huddling to take ‘bold decisions’ on FDI, disinvestment and other controversial issues on the sly even many UPA partners are left fuming.  
10. Official Neglect hits Military Morale:  It is now indisputably known that the military personnel and Ex-servicemen were given a raw deal by the 6th Central Pay Commission, not to mention of the woes given by earlier pay panels. A large number of petitions and appeals filed by aggrieved ex-servicemen against the Government decisions stand disposed by the Armed Forces Tribunal, High Courts and the honourable Supreme Court in favour of the petitioners asking the Government to grant remedies in each case. Yet, the bureaucratic red tape has not permitted justice to reach the aggrieved parties including serving soldiers. The result is that the mounting resentment has taken a toll on the military morale which has recently manifested in some very disturbing happenings in some military units deployed in sensitive operational areas. Spilling beyond breach of discipline, these incidents became mutinous confrontations defying chain of command. It is a different matter though that the top military brass shall go to any extent to allay doubts about military’s morale and battle worthiness because in military ethos it is disgraceful and un-soldierly to be demoralised. Even a dying soldier would boast of his ‘high morale’. India’s military might is the last resort to deal with the most complex and dangerous threats – internal or external – when all else might have failed. There is no alternative to maintaining the Armed Forces fully motivated, satisfied, well equipped and well cared for so that they deliver desired results. Unfortunately, petty considerations like inter-service parity, inferiority or superiority and one-upmanship are over-riding national interests and, in their effort to negate the uniqueness of military’s role and structure, the bureaucrats have traditionally viewed military as their rival in service status. This hostile mindset has always pulled down the soldiery in India by making the Government give them less than they deserve. Throughout the world, military enjoys distinct privileges, status and prestige which are officially bestowed upon the soldiers in the form of badges of rank, insignia, uniform, ‘standards’ and banners – all that distinguishes them from the rest. It is in everybody’s interest to make soldiers proud of their profession and beloved of the people they die for. There is an urgent need to arrest the fall of military morale and restore their dignity and motivation before it is too late.
11.  There are a host of reforms awaiting enactment of appropriate laws like Lokpal Bill, Whistle Blowers Bill, Electoral and Political Reforms, Ban on entry of charge-sheeted individuals into the Legislature or public offices, Confiscation of illegally acquired assets of politicians and government officials, Judicial Reforms and Judges Accountability Bill et al are unlikely to see the light of the day under the existing system.
12. Peaceful agitations, recommendations of Commissions and statutory bodies, and even directions/strictures and observations frequently passed by the Judiciary have failed to improve the situation. The Law Minister derisively scoffed at the peaceful mass agitation saying, “Ramlila happens every year; what’s the worry?” Equally scornfully, the Home Minister also echoed the Government attitude when he said, "earlier the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten."
13. The message is now clear: Non-violent Satyagraha is no more than a carnival that can go on for eternity or dissipate. The danger of such apathy and arrogance is that people will become restive and take to violence. Simmering resentment is mounting throughout the length and breadth of the country and forebodings of anarchy are very much perceptible.
14. It is in this backdrop of harsh realities that we consider it highly expedient that bold action is now needed to save the country from anarchic times ahead. It might be unconventional, some might view it even ‘unconstitutional’ too, but would it really be so if the honourable Chief Justice of India, the CEC, the CAG and the Chiefs of the Armed Forces sat together and discussed the vital national issues that are not getting resolved by any other democratic mechanism? Indian democracy is yearning for your guidance today.
15. While we suggest no specific plan to India’s most enlightened brains and custodians of public faith, we would certainly beg you to act collectively, resolutely and effectively before it is too late to introduce a course correction in our governance and facilitate the country’s advance to peace, prosperity, power and glory. Your intervention can save India from going the Libyan, Egyptian or Syrian way. 
With best regards and lots of hope

Thursday, 27 September 2012

महाराष्ट्रात राष्ट्रवादीने जो गोंधळ सुरू केला तो अचानक घडलेला प्रकार नाही. अजित पवारांच्या राजीनाम्याने जी वावटळ उठवली
गेली तिचा रोख नक्कीच मुख्यमंत्री चव्हाणांवर आहे.
महाराष्ट्रातील वावटळअजित पवार हे स्वयंघोषित टगे आहेत. पण ते एक राजकीय विनोदवीरही आहेत याबाबत एव्हाना महाराष्ट्राची खात्री पटलीच असेल. स्वत:वरील भ्रष्टाचाराच्या, गैरव्यवहाराच्या आरोपांमुळे व्यथित वगैरे होऊन त्यांनी उपमुख्यमंत्रीपदाचा राजीनामा फेकून दिला आहे. खरे म्हणजे भ्रष्टाचाराच्या आरोपांमुळे पवारांची धाकटी पाती व्यथित होते हा पहिला विनोद आहे तर मंत्रीपदाचा राजीनामा दिला हा दुसरा विनोद आहे. अशाप्रकारे ऐन गणेशोत्सवात जनतेला विनोदाची मेजवानी मिळाली आहे. ही श्री गणरायाचीच कृपा म्हणावी लागेल. खरं तर कॉंग्रेसचे एक मंत्री राजेंद्र दर्डा यांनीदेखील ‘कोळसा घोटाळ्या’त नाव येताच राजीनामा फेकण्याची बाणेदार भाषा केली होती. अर्थात, दर्डा यांच्यावर सीबीआयने गुन्हा दाखल केला तरी ते खुर्चीला चिकटून बसले आहेत व राजीनामा फेकण्याची जबाबदारी अजित पवारांनी उचलली आहे. जलसंपदा प्रकल्पात गैरव्यवहार झाल्याचे आरोप अजित पवारांवर झाले व गेले काही दिवस हे प्रकरण प्रसिद्धीमाध्यमांच्या चव्हाट्यावर गाजत आहे. पुन्हा मुख्यमंत्रीही अधूनमधून ‘सिंचन प्रकल्पा’च्या गैरव्यवहारावर बोलत असतात. सिंचनाचे नियोजन नीट झाले असते तर महाराष्ट्राच्या अनेक भागांवर ‘पाणी पाणी’ असा आक्रोश करण्याची वेळ आली नसती, हे मुख्यमंत्र्यांचे म्हणणे आहे. पाण्याची सर्व खाती राष्ट्रवादीच्या कोट्यात आहेत व त्या खात्यांतही धो-धो पाण्यासारखा पैसा आहे. पाटबंधारे प्रकल्पात घोटाळे झाल्याची बोंब आहे व ही बोंब ठोकणारे खुद्द राज्याचे मुख्यमंत्रीच आहेत. आता जबाबदारी मुख्यमंत्र्यांची आहे. कारण अजित पवारांनी राजीनामा फेकला आहे. फेकताना त्यांनी घोषणा केली की, ‘माझ्यावरील आरोपांची चौकशी निष्पक्ष व्हावी. मी पदावर असल्याने चौकशीत दबाव येत असल्याचा संशय जनतेच्या मनात बळावू नये. मी मंजूर केलेल्या जलसंपदा प्रकल्पांची पाहणी, प्रकल्पांना झालेला विलंब यांची चौकशी करता यावी यासाठी मी मंत्रीपद सोडण्याचा निर्णय घेतला आहे.’ अजित पवार यांनी हा जो
राजीनाम्याचा बॉम्बगोळाटाकला त्यामुळे पृथ्वीराज चव्हाणांचे सरकार हलले आहे व त्यांच्या डोक्यावरील कोंबडा विस्कटला आहे. कारण आता करून दाखविण्याची जबाबदारी मुख्यमंत्री म्हणून त्यांच्यावर आहे. गेले काही महिने मुख्यमंत्री सिंचन प्रकल्पांवरील श्‍वेतपत्रिकेवर नुसते बोलत आहेत. आता ही श्‍वेतपत्रिका ते नक्की कधी काढणार? हा पहिला प्रश्‍न आहे. सिंचन प्रकल्पांत भ्रष्टाचार झाला असेल तर तो कागदोपत्री पुढे यायला हवा. पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण हे पंतप्रधान कार्यालयात असताना त्यांच्या सही-शिक्क्याने ‘कॉमनवेल्थ’ घोटाळा व कोळसा घोटाळ्यातील फायलींना मंजुरी मिळाली व संशयाचे एक बोट अधूनमधून पृथ्वीराज चव्हाणांकडे दाखविले जाते. पण ठोस पुरावे नाहीत त्यामुळे दिल्लीतील संशयाचा फायदा त्यांना महाराष्ट्रात मिळत आहे व स्वच्छ प्रतिमेचे तालेवार मुख्यमंत्री म्हणून ते पदावर बसले आहेत. मात्र ही स्वच्छ प्रतिमा नुसती असून उपयोगाची नाही, तर आपले सरकार व मंत्र्यांच्या बाबतीतही ती असायला हवी. अजित पवार, छगन भुजबळ, तटकरे, गुलाबराव देवकर या राष्ट्रवादीच्या मंत्र्यांवर भ्रष्टाचाराचे आरोप आहेत व त्यांनी जायलाच हवे ही लोकभावना आहे. मग तोच न्याय कॉंग्रेसच्या मंत्र्यांनादेखील लागायला हवा. राजेंद्र दर्डा अद्याप मंत्रिमंडळात कसे? मुख्यमंत्री कुणाच्या दबावाखाली आहेत? कृपाशंकरसारखे ‘वॉण्टेड’ आमदार आजही मुख्यमंत्री व देशाच्या गृहमंत्र्यांच्या काखेत हात घालून फिरत असतात. कृपाशंकरांवरील गुन्हे दुसर्‍या कुणावर असते तर एव्हाना ती व्यक्ती पोलीस कोठडीत असती; पण कृपाशंकर मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या आशीर्वादाने मोकळे आहेत. हा संशय लोकांच्या मनात बळावला असेल तर त्यास स्वत: मुख्यमंत्री जबाबदार आहेत. महाराष्ट्राच्या राजकारणात पाण्याचा, जमिनींचा, कोळशाचा, झारखंडच्या मधू कोडांच्या खाणींचा पैसा विषासारखा पसरला आहे व हा पैसा खेळवणारे मंत्री
नैतिकतेच्या गप्पा मारतात ही गमतीची गोष्ट आहे. अजित पवार यांनी नैतिकता व साधनशूचितेची भाषा केली. त्यांनी राजीनामा दिला व सरकार आज तरी गटांगळ्या खात आहे. अजित पवारांच्या राजीनाम्याने राज्याचे राजकारण ढवळून निघाले हे खरे. हे ढवळणे आणखी किती काळ चालवायचे ते शेवटी शरद पवारच ठरवू शकतात. शरद पवारांचे राजकारणातील प्रत्येक पाऊल हे तोलून मापून टाकलेले असते. त्यामुळे महाराष्ट्रात राष्ट्रवादीने जो गोंधळ सुरू केला तो काही अचानक वगैरे घडलेला प्रकार नाही. अजित पवारांच्या राजीनाम्याने जी वावटळ उठवली गेली तिचा रोख नक्कीच मुख्यमंत्री चव्हाणांवर आहे. चव्हाणांना हटवले नाही तर राष्ट्रवादी महाराष्ट्रातील सरकार अस्थिर करेल हाच या वावटळीचा संदेश आहे. भ्रष्टाचारामुळे स्वत:हून राजीनामा देणारे साधुसंत ना कॉंग्रेस पक्षात आहेत ना राष्ट्रवादीत. प्रकाश जयस्वाल व सुबोधकांत सहाय हे दोन केंद्रीय मंत्री कोळशाच्या खाणीत अडकूनही मंत्रीपद सोडत नाहीत व मनमोहन सिंग त्यांची हकालपट्टी करीत नाहीत. महाराष्ट्रातही वेगळे काही घडताना दिसत नाही. राज्याचा कारभार करणार्‍यांची नीतिमत्ता व चारित्र्य भ्रष्टाचाराच्या चिखलात बुडाले आहे. अशा लोकांकडून अपेक्षा तरी काय करायची? प्रत्येक खाते हे चराऊ कुरण झाले आहे. कुरणाच्या राखणदारीवरून कॉंग्रेस व राष्ट्रवादीत भांडण जुंपले आहे इतकेच. अजित पवारांचा राजीनामा त्याच भांडणातील एक पेच आहे. मुख्यमंत्री, आता तरी सिंचन घोटाळ्याच्या चौकशीचा वारू सुसाट सोडा इतकेच आम्हाला सांगायचे आहे
Defence PSUs: The Great Betrayal !!
{{ S/O  Gen  GG Bewoor, ex- COAS }}

             When the Saras crashed recently, killing its entire  crew, the deafening silence in the media, as also from those who know about flight testing, design and manufacture of aeroplanes, and the unforeseen dangers in this activity, was rudely apparent.
       What is the Saras for? Who would use it? What kind of pilots would fly such a piece of aeronautical disingenuity? Was the Saras made to any QRs ( Qualitative Requirements ) ?? Which potential airline or military user was consulted before the Saras design was frozen? Which certification agency oversaw the progress of Saras from the drawing board to the shop floor, and into the air?
                These and many more questions are out of public domain, and alas, neither the media, nor the aeronautical engineering community,  nor the Parliament, nor the Defence Ministry have demanded answers from the Designers or the Flight Testing agency controlling the Saras programme.
           No chief of the IAF worth his salt will ever buy the Saras. Which VIP will fly in this piece of unreliable aeronautics?
         What to talk of complex  Technological platforms like Aircrafts, even the DRDO's much touted so called MM Hand Grenade (( the  SIMPLEST of all weapons and the MOST basic one ~~ lifeline for the million strong Infantry Jawans, Army is still using the outdated 1945 model of IInd WW design grenades produced by Ordnance Factories since last 4 decades )) has been stalled at initial production stage itself as the Ordnance Factories can't produce it nor does it meet the user QR- Forcing the Army to now import it after kept waiting on false promises by the DRDO & Ord Fy Booard for the last 10 years !!
              What about the precious lives of soldiers  lost during the many field trials of this immaturish design ?? HAS ANYBODY BEEN MADE TO PAY  FOR THIS CALLOUS STATE OF AFFAIRS  ?? Why  no heads have rolled so far ??
            Whither Accountability  ?? What can one say about the accountability of these organisations? Three precious lives of the Indian Air Force perished with the Saras. Many more in the Army. 
        Why Do the Armed Forces are being thrust upon with impotent and useless systems - always with a promise that better & safer  version is still under development !
       It logically leads us to a very basic question. Which VIP will fly in this piece of unreliable aeronautics? Just because the National  Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Ordnance Factories  can make nothing better, must we accept it and then precipitate an avoidable tragedy?Are NAL designers willing to travel in the Saras? Would they put their families on this flying coffin ?
             Indeed, the Armed Forces must support indigenous industry, and it has done so for decades like a true subservient body, many times against better judgment, but at what cost and for HOW LONG MORE ?
     It is alredy 65 years now (!!) and to sustain these  elite Organisations any more without accountability and penalty would be a monumental and grave infirmity and an act prejudicial not only to interests of the Nation  but also highly detrimental to efficacy and the cutting edge of our Armed Forces,  and also a great blow to the lives and Morale of our brave and valient airmen,sailors and soldiers.
           After 26/11 in Mumbai, the clamour all over the nation was: “enough is enough”.     Is it not time for the Indian Armed Forces to say the same thing about the PSUs/DRDO/Ord Factories continuing to design and manufacture what the Armed Forces do not want  ??
       It has to stop somewhere, maybe this accident should galvanize us into affirmative action to resist being burdened with weapons that we do not need today, and we will certainly not need tomorrow.Weapons and Tanks which are outrightly unreliable and hence liable to let down in Wartime.
                After pumping crores and crores, can't the DRDO and Ord Factories give our Armed Forces even Rifles and Grenades ? What is their Credibility in the World Market today ? Are they in a position to Export  any modern or current weapons ( whether land/air/naval based) even a fraction of what tiny countries like Israel, S.Africa ,Sweden, and even the Iron countries export to all over the world INCLUDING India ??
            Aren't these Organisations, who are surviving solely on Reverse Engineering ( COPYING designs & technology illegally) a big and huge National Shame, not to talk of drain on the national exchequer ??
             During Aero India 2009, I was staying at the BSF Mess, and a young constable asked me “Saab, why have we been given the INSAS rifle? It stops more often than it fires”. After pumping crores into Ordnance Factories, they make unreliable rifles for our jawans?
              The recent revelations about DG Ordnance Factory Board, taking bribes from suppliers, tells us what is happening in that organization. What is worse, no one seems to want to remedy the malaise.        
             We faujis have made so much fuss about the 6th Pay Commission, One Rank One Pension, Warrant of Precedence – fasts at Jantar Mantar, but no protest from any quarter, over all these years, about useless equipment being dumped upon the disciplined faujis? 
              Is this not willful dereliction of duty by successive DRDO scientists and the Officials of Ord Factories, in  letting down their their supreme commander, the  RM and the nation in turn ? Each of them, without exception is guilty.
             Forget the investment poured into DRDO, look at the loss of lives because of their incompetence and negligence. The constant failure of the DRDO has placed India’s security in peril.
              Most SAs, their scientists and the production agencies officials are alive and flourishing.
             Even today in 2012 is it not shameful that we are still importing bullet proof jackets,  winter socks & clothing, 5.56 mm rifle ( the basic soldier's weapon "designed by DRDO and mfrd by OFs ) bullets,tanks and its ammunition, BOFORs ammunition et al ? In fact , even today , 70-80 % of our armoury is of foreign origin  !!
            Under such scenario Should DRDO/PSUs/Oed FYs be even tasked to design and manufacture equipment for the Armed Forces? Won’t a small entrepreneur in NOIDA or Erode do a better job? Or better, ask Tirupur – they will replace their traditional hosiery with armored jackets for the Armed Forces, CISF, BSF, and ordinary cops.
            Whenever the Armed Forces want a weapon system, the DRDO invariably says “we can make it” and they have an unassailable record of never delivering. Ultimately, we import that same equipment at ten times the cost.
                 Stories of this perfidy and atrocity  are too many to enumerate.
                            The purpose of this article is not to list the unerring failures of our DRDO laboratories, Defense PSUs, and Ordnance Factories. It is to seek accountability, disciplinary action from those who have put India in jeopardy, by constant failure to give what is promised to the Indian Armed Forces to fight for India and her people.
Who Gets Punished for Non-Performance & Manpower Shortage?
                No Accountability. Fauji officers who under perform or commit blunders get punished, they miss promotions and the majority in any case waste out with as little as 25 years of service. DRDO scientists continue unhindered till 60 years and even beyond till the closure of their assigned Project (whether successfuly or othrwise ! ) even when they do not deliver.
               Which DRDO/PSU official has been puunished for repeated or consistant failures? Has anyone from Ordnance Factories been punished for the defecs in INSAS rifle or the need to still import its ammunition ?
              They fail to even copy a weapon system, and then retire gracefully with full benefits. Can there be a more pitiable state of affairs in the scientific community of India? How much longer will DRDO and its associates gobble up large parts from the Consolidated Fund of India, with zero returns?
            How much longer must the Armed Forces be held hostage by non-performing technocrats?
      WHY HAS NO BEAUROCRAT ( who normally come down heavily on the Arme Forces )so far and PUBLICALLY   been held responsible for toleraring, and maybe ABETTING TOO, such Felonies ??Is it not  Outright Acts of OMMISSIONs by the Ministry of Def  viz the beaurocrats and the political heads !!          
                             Can the media not seize this opportunity to reveal the truth and force remedial action? How come that greatest SA to RM that Inda has produced , could not ‘ignite the minds’ of his own non-performing scientists?
        Probably Pp
Pro  The basic cause is that motivational fuses were never inserted into these exalted organisations