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Friday, 7 October 2016

Those who trust enemy more than their own nation and Army

October 7, 2016, 2:05 PM IST Tarun Vijay The Indians, yes, those who hold Indian passports, are raising doubts on the Indian Army’s punitive action against Pakistani terrorists. They remind me of those who helped Ghazani in Somnath. A veteran Congress leader, scholar, historian and founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has written a moving story of Somnath’s destruction at the hands of Mahmud of Ghazni in 1024 .(The Kindle Edition of this book is available Jaya Somnath is a story that tells of the mortal crisis which Gujarat passed through when Mahmud of Ghazni attacked and destroyed the sacred temple of Somnath). He writes about a priest, too self-centred and too ambitious, who brought Ghazni inside the sanctum sanctorum hoping a great reward from the Parmar King, Bheemdeo. Having fulfilled his desire to plunder a Hindu temple, Ghazni brutally killed the ‘informer’ traitor. But the Hindus were defeated. In 1962, hundreds of Communist leaders were arrested by Jawaharlal Nehru on charges of sedition for helping Chinese aggressors. A white paper presented in the Lok Sabha by Nehru government explained it in details. The same government had honoured the RSS Swayamsewaks for their heroic help to the Army, by inviting them to participate in the Republic Day Parade in 1963. This is the history that we refuse to learn. The story of people who trusted the enemy and helped them to avenge the rulers is also the story of India’s plunder, subjugation and conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity. This is the history that we refuse to learn. The arrogance of the rich, powerful Hindus cost us so dear that we left millions of Hindus to live under the Islamic extremist brutalities in our neighbourhood. Hindu families taking refuge in India from Pakistan and Bangladesh have harrowing tales of abuse and atrocities at the hand of Islam extremists. Those who doubt our Army and the government, never show any sympathies for them. They forget that reasoning with Pakistan has always been the priority for India. There are hundreds Instances like Gandhi’s fast to force Jawaharlal Nehru to pay the sum of Rs 55 crore in 1947 which prove that the Hindus have always been more than patient and peace loving while Pakistan remained a rogue land waiting to be tented by the US and China. Pakistan army, basically a few Punjabi hate-capsules bundled together in a uniformed order, controls everything- from educational curriculums to industry and trade and foreign relations. They are the biggest real estate owners and no Prime Minister could ever work without their nod. To continue their say on everything, they need an enemy and an external challenge. That is where they position India. From Dawood to Lakhvi and Masood Azhar– they are Pakistani army in different gears. It is this Pakistan that we have to deal with and it is this Pakistan that many of Indians provide arsenal to attack India. Those who write regular columns for Pakistan newspapers must understand this. They have to accept that their acts, words and statements help the enemy of the nation. They may look very innocent and try to take a principled stand behind the pretext of ‘freedom of expression’. Yes, they do have it. After all, we are not Pakistan. But the dishonesty and poison they nurse for Modi can’t be allowed to turn against nation. Just the week when all the Saarc countries stood in solidarity behind India, an edit page article in a Chandigarh-based English daily blasted India’s foreign policy. It said, “Meanwhile, investigating agencies are yet to gather conclusive evidence of the Pakistani hand behind the Uri attack …. These factors, no doubt, hamper our diplomats’ ability to present a compelling case to the world community…..None of the major world powers has finger-pointed at Pakistan. …..the unrest in J&K is not in the nature of a Pakistan-sponsored insurgency, but takes the form of an indigenous uprising, somewhere between civil disobedience and an Intifada… The Indian diplomacy will be hard-pressed to brand the upheaval as a manifestation of cross-border terrorism. ….The western press coverage of developments underscores that there aren’t many takers for the thesis that what India faces in J&K is ‘terrorism’. Indian diplomacy finds itself on the back foot……All we could say in response was that Pakistan too has skeletons in its cupboard in Balochistan or elsewhere. Such infantile argument doesn’t wash.” Such blatant lies and false notions are being spread through Indian newspapers. Can this be ignored in the name of freedom? These people do not have any concern for India’s security. They do not understand the growing global support for India, do not see how people in the US, France, the Gulf countries, Afghanistan, east Asia and South East Asia have come together to appreciate India. The authors would never write a single line cornering Pakistan.Because writing against is easy. Writing against the enemies of humanity brings real danger of getting beheaded , hence choose the easy way. The easy-goer hypocrites are the dishonest intellectuals who need no protection behind freedom of expression. They are misusing the freedom like Osama’s agents used on 11/9 attack. They used the freedom of US democracy to attack the same institution. These editors, politicians and picnic writers are attacking India’s pluralism, democracy and the constitution by spreading hatred against soldiers

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