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Friday, 7 October 2016


Message body Homeland TERRORISTS or TRAITORS. Last evening about 7.30 PM (6.9.2016) while watching an old video of POK televised by 'Aaj Tak', Omar Saeed, the infamous Terrorist Leader going around freely in Pakistan and POK, told the reporter very proudly "we packed off the Soviet Army (Second most powerful army in the World at that time) from Afghanistan in Ten years. We will see Indian Army Also". That was 15 years ago and he is still 'Seeing'. It is Seventy years since independence, they have been trying to do that. Unfortunately, they do not realise INDIA & INDIAN ARMY are different ball game altogether. Army they are confronting now is Indian not Soviet. Our Army & BSF are doing a thoroughly commendable job dealing with Pakistani Terrorists. But how to deal with our Homeland/Home-grown 'Safedposh' POLITICIANS - CELEBRITY TERRORISTS roaming freely in our country and by their irresponsible and pro-Pakistani outburst, have become the cynosure of Pakistani public and media. That job is NOT theirs' but YOURS and YOURS ONLY. STAND SOLIDLY BEHIND YOUR GOVERNMENT & ARMY. This is not the time to settle Political scores. In all the earlier Wars with Pakistan & China, all political parties (specially BJP) stood solidly behind the then Congress Government. None played cheap Politics as opposition parties are trying to do at the cost of National Security. For cheap Political gains, they are trying jeopardize National security. Do not buy the products promoted by Anti National Celebrities for whom their own interests (Fame & Money) are above National Interests. Remember. SUCCESS NEEDS SACRIFICE. Without SACRIFICE, Success is only a Wishful Thinking. " DO NOT ASK WHAT COUNTRY HAS GIVEN YOU. ASK WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO THE COUNTRY. " Abraham Lincoln

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