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Saturday, 8 October 2016

After conducting a large-scale cyber attack, Indian hackers are also in full capacity of destroying the entire Pakistan cyberspace. Shashank Shekhar New Delhi, October 7, 2016 After conducting a large-scale cyber attack, Indian hackers are also in full capacity of destroying the entire Pakistan cyberspace. Indian hackers are in their elements: they have hacked into the Pakistan government network, locking their computers and data. Facing the large-scale Indian cyber attack, Pakistani techies are down on their knees - they paid the Indian hackers with Bitcoins so that their systems can be unlocked. However, patriotic Indian hackers have rejected the offer and kept the Pakistani sites under their control. The Indian attack came in the wake of Pakistani hackers defacing Indian sites and circulating videos that say India's recent surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) was fake. The malicious Pakistani propaganda and cyber attack angered the Indian hackers so much that they deployed the Ransomware to lock the network in the neighbouring country. One of the Indian hackers has been identified. Experts in India claim that an 'anonymous' hacker, a member of Telangana cyber warrior, was among those who infected Pakistan government systems and have taken control over hundreds of computers. READ| After surgical strikes, Pakistan floods Facebook with terror videos MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK DESIGNED, READY TO DESTROY Experts say Indian hackers attacked the Pakistani network after thousands of Indian websites were hacked by the techies from Pakistan. To counter the offensive, Indian hackers locked Pakistan government computers. "To unlock their data, techies from Pakistan also paid in Bitcoins but 'patriotic' Indians refused to give away the decrypt key to unlock the data. Pakistani officials have been asked to pay the amount again to unlock," a black hat hacker told Mail Today. Sources told Mail Today that Indian hackers are ready to launch a massive cyber attack which can destroy the cyber space of Pakistan. However, they warned that Pakistani hackers will also retaliate. INDIAN AGENCIES ALERT Indian agencies are now on alert to ensure that there is no data loss in the ongoing cyber war. Experts believe that intelligence gathering has increased as the hackers are not only defacing the sites but silently spying into critical network. According to reports, a group of Pakistani hackers - the Pakistan Haxors Crew - has claimed that it had defaced 7,051 Indian websites after India launched surgical strike in PoK. The websites targeted include the official website of the National Green Tribunal ( and Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation ( "Indian hackers just responded after smelling the malicious intention of Pakistani hackers. Techies across the border targeted Indian sites. They are also trying to circulate fake links and videos claiming that India never carried out surgical strike," said Kislay Chaudhary, a cyber crime expert. Indian experts also believe that cyber attacks from Pakistan are state-sponsored but Indian agencies have not retaliated. WHAT 'EDGE' DO INDIAN HACKERS HAVE? However, if the Indian hackers want, they can easily destroy the entire Pakistani cyber space. "Indian hackers are technically sound and can easily spy or steal data from any country. But no one ever tried to bring young talents under one umbrella for information gathering," a hacker told Mail Today. According to security officers, many Pakistani accounts have become active post India's surgical strike. These accounts are used for expanding terror network. Security agency officials said that they have zeroed in on several suspected accounts, including the account of one Salman Chaudhary, who is uploading objectionable content like videos that talk of Pakistan attacking India with nuclear weapons. Chaudhary's account is active since 2014 and his IP address is based in PoK. HOW IT HAPPENED Speaking to Mail Today one of the Indian hackers said it took over three months to infect the Pak computers. Over 100 computers are now under his control, that belong to the education department, government tender website, among others. The hacker said he got 120 bitcoins to release the Pak computers. "The money is being distributed among the trusts involved in education of poor kids," he said

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