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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


This was my main concern while I was there in Kashmir --- ! The pro India Lobby went unheard and was made invisible by the presstitutes and politicians alike and all delegations from the centre only came to meet ante India lobby who were highlighted the year round by the tutes ( Short form of presstitutes )! The presstitutes now have started publishing such headlines as : " TWO MILITANTS AND ONE SOLDIER KILLED " . Shame on us as a nation that no one has ever taken up this matter and put the bamboo up the ---------------- of people who cant even respect their martyrs by saying that one soldiers martyred !! On the contrary at times they say two jehadis killed !! The ilk of sensation creater BD is hard at work to creat something akin to nuclear fusion in our national fabric by giving last priority to anything nationalist and head the list of the mavericks of the third kind !! Boy what a cocktail Kashmir problem is no problem but is of own creation ! Even if we remove section 370 nothing earth shattering is going . China has swallowed South China Sea and we as a nation as also the world are still scratching below our tail ! When they swallowed Tibet Nehru was sitting with his spent cartridge under Lady Mountbatten's care , Is the nation along with the world still clear about the lineage of the Nehru Family ------ and the damage dome by the Nehru Gandhi Cliche to us as also the reason for such willful damages ?? How did they rule India for 60 years ?? And now someone is busy downgrading the Armed Forces with the heads doing a repeat of the Silence of the lambs !! Modi of course cannot be blamed as he is giving optimum performance for his level and background and we also have a tradition to upkeep ----- the top is always immaterial devoid of responsibilities and answerability as it is ! Jago India Jago - Subject: *KASHMIR THE UNKNOWN DISTORTED FACTS* *KASHMIR THE UNKNOWN DISTORTED FACTS* *Separatism: Hype vs the truth* Pradeep Siddharth 1. Separatists control only 5 districts = 15% of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh and they are all *Sunni Muslims*. 2. The Shiais, Sufis, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are not separatists. 3. Two of the three regions of J&K are not Muslim majority areas. 85,000 square kilometers are not. When you talk of separatism, there havent been any protests against India in this 85 per cent area till date. 4. There's only one section of community -- Kashmiri-speaking Sunni Muslims who have a separatist agenda. When you see a TV debate on Kashmir, who do you see? Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, Gilani, Asiya Andrabi, and Lone. All Sunni Muslims from these 5 districts out of 22!! 5. J&K has around 12 per cent Shia Muslims, around 12-14 per cent Gujjar Muslims and around eight per cent Pahadi Rajput Muslims, Sufis Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. None of these communities had any separatist leaders 6. When Afzal Guru was hanged, the media made it appear as if the entire state was out on the streets. The reality was that out of 22 districts, there was not a single demonstration in 17 districts and only five districts in the Valley faced mild demonstrations. 7. Poonch has 90 per cent Muslims but this district is dominated by powerful Sikhs. Kargil has 90 per cent Muslims, Kargil city has more than 99 per cent Muslims but there was not a single protest in those areas. 8. Our perception about J&K is that a battle between nationalism and separatism is going on for past 68 years. Nationalism has neither been lost nor will it, because in most areas of the state, majority of the people are nationalists. 9. There is no dispute over J&K and the only issue relating to the state is how to get back areas that are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and China. 'Separatism', 'dispute' and 'autonomy' are three myths associated with the state. The common perception is that J&K is a separatist state. This is because J&K is perceived first as just Kashmir - a Kashmir which is a Sunni Muslim Kashmir, a Muslim Kashmir which is a separatist Kashmirbasically a Kashmir where the Indian tricolor is burnt down and Pakistans flag is unfurled only in five districts. The State should be considered as one entity like Jammu (with maximum of the ground area), Ladakh and only thereafter Kashmir. Finally, Pakistan keeps harping on the UN Resolutions. But Part 2 of these Resolutions very clearly state that Pakistan has to withdraw ALL its military forces and nationals used for the purpose of fighting in J&K BEFORE a plebiscite is held. That was in 1947. It is now 2016. Pakistan has yet to withdraw all its forces from Kashmir including GB. The fact is that the PA will never withdraw its forces from POK. This UN Resolution is thus dead as a dodo. Secondly, Pakistan signed the Resolution under Chapter VI of the UN Charter which makes the Resolution *NON ENFORCEABE.* So Pakistan needs to stop this charade of blaming India for not adhering to the UN Resolutions.

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