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Friday, 5 August 2016

Brigadier Yashpal Bakshi-Eight people were given life through his organs.

Brigadier Yashpal Bakshi By ORGAN India on August 3, 2016 | Brigadier Yashpal Bakshi, was one of the first to enter Bangladesh during the war. A proud Army man the tragedy is that he survived two wars only to be killed in his home by servants who wanted to rob him. He retired in Meerut and was living there till he was murdered by his household staff for refusing to give them his money and belongings. He fought with them and was shot in the head during the attack. Initially admitted in a hospital in Meerut, he was eventually shifted to R&R in Delhi where he was declared Brain-Dead. His daughter Mrs. Kamini Mehta spoke with her family and decided that if he couldn’t be saved then she would donate his organs and save others. She says “I take comfort in the fact that to the end he gave his life saving others. Eight people were given life through his organs. Two new born babies were given his heart valves.” And although his killers were never caught and punished, the family is happy that the last thing he did was to help others. They feel that he’s still out there somewhere, and they haven’t lost him.

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