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Friday, 30 September 2016


Reproduced as recd....Courtesy a VETERAN... My family member at MI says more were killed than 38 (these were the ones they could count, there were many who were shredded to bits due to use of weapons like RPO flame throwers, Carl Gustafs etc. He says these guys were the stragglers who escaped the main camps that were targeted during the previous covert strike on the main camps (my guess is they were targeted with arty). The main camps were deeper in POK around (12-20km) Those pigs who escaped the first onslaught were then painstakingly tracked through drones/comms to well disguised newly erected made shift launching pads. IA decided to share their movements over the last days with PMO. With the porkis playing cry baby and playa hating on the international forum, IA/PMO decided that this message should be made loud and clear. A platoon of Paras went in silent, HAHO from well inside our territory. Their target was 3 launching pads deeper into POK, around 2-3km in. These were the larger groups, around 12 pigs at each site. Paras wasted them quietly, they didn't know what hit em, they wasted the sentries with silenced sniper shots and most were slaughtered in their sleep.. Ghataks from Dogra and Bihar opened up fire on the posts near 3 launching pads closer to the LOC (around 600m-1.2km in), the adjoining posts were destroyed rapidly :shoot:, this is where around 6-12 PA manning the posts were killed, Porkis only claim 2 PA killed, bet its 2 bodies they could recover, the rest would have been mulch. After turning the posts to rubble, Ghataks crossed over and destroyed the 3 launching pads where they killed smaller fidayeen squads of around 6 terrorists each. Ghataks went in loud, watching them close in with heavy fire at the 3rd launching pad, it appears one of the pigs blew himself up taking half his squad with him. :rofl:The death toll inflicted by the Ghataks is not clear because they used volleys from grenade launchers, RPO flame thrower, carl gustaf. A Ghatak got close enough to stab 2 bunched pigs with his bare hands. While the op was coming to a close, it appears a couple of truck loads of SSG BATs & Rangers were sent in for reinforcements but when they arrived and saw the volume of fire coming from the Ghataks, they got back in their trucks and ran. Ghataks then covered the Para's egress back. Final, estimate of toll is between 60-70 killed including at least 6-12 PA. I am glad they decided to make it public. Paltan ki ijjat especially for Bihar and Dogra restored, they will however keep a low profile because there was nothing surgical about their role. Their role was much more akin to a hammer coming down hard. My family member says that the sheer speed and brute force of Ghataks in their role was some of the most beautiful IR drone footage caught in his recent memory. While the paras were surgical, they apparently looked so routine, like they had done it a thousands time before (and they have). --

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