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Friday, 19 November 2021

Following is the response to Vir Das, from Mrs Vandana Walia wife of Air Vice Marshal AJS Walia:-

"I belong to an India where despite the back breaking work they have been doing all morning, at lunch time two laborers will buy food from the nearest roadside vendor and will proceed to eat it with relish and joy sharing the choicest bits with each other, laughing all the time. A meal that consists of coarse rice, thick roti, a couple of limp pieces of radish, all swimming in an unrecognizable curry of some kind.

I belong to an India where I have had conversations with auto rickshaw drivers about the state of the country and who are more informed about politics than many learned people I know. 

I belong to an India where domestic help welcomes me like a personal guest and with a smile asks me, Aunty Ji Chai Laaoon even before my host does so. 

I belong to an India where there are special seats for ladies in public transport and where men give up their own seat when they see a lady standing.

I belong to an India where every doctor’s office has a female attendant to help women patients feel safe and comfortable and to hold their hand during painful exams/procedures. 

I belong to an India where senior citizens are treated with respect and dignity and have a special place in the family, and no important decision is taken without their advice. 

I belong to an India where Family To The Rescue is the motto, regardless of any differences and disputes that may have taken place. Go Fund Me pages do not have to be created to pay for funerals. 

I belong to an India where war veterans do not sit with placards asking for donations. Every single soldier if not compensated by the government has a village to return to, which he calls home. 

I belong to an India where every visitor is greeted with folded hands, and a Jee Aayan Nu, where all are welcome to one’s home at all times, where people go to each others’ houses on Diwali, Eid and Christmas regardless of their own religion. 

But I’m sorry to say that I also belong to an India whose journalists, authors and intellectuals are systematically perpetuating the worst possible stereotypes about their country on an international level, and in the process creating confusion in the minds of Westerners who are only just beginning to realize and appreciate the diverse and rich cultural traditions and heritage of this great nation. 

I will not say Bharat Mata Ki Jai because I do not want to start a controversy but like a true Fauji wife I will say Jai Hind!!
😊 Be happy everyone and God bless." 
@ Vandana Walia
New Jersey, November 17,2021

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