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Sunday, 2 May 2021

Planned Biological War Against India?


To a question of whether this second wave is a planned biological war against India, there were some responses on my school group from a couple of IT experts. Well conspiracy theories aside, I would like to share their views. If someone on this group could either support or counter these views it could lead us somewhere. 

. There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that the virus was engineered in the lab & that China deflected all attention away thanks to a pliant WHO. So are these mutations ‘smart’? Is AI being used here? Is this even possible?

AI is inherent in the behavior of viruses. This is from what I have learned so far. Its not programmed by somebody but like a neural network continually tries combinations if it hits a wall.  It’s true of almost all biological beings. Now virus is not biological but more constructed like a machine and can only survive inside a host.

 Here is a view from a friend who is an expert in Design thinking. There can be possibility of Biological war looking at few patterns.

The second wave started from Eastern Maharashtra not major city. That region did not have Kumbh mela or election rallies. 

B. It is moving very structurally from Mumbai then Delhi and then Bangalore. All three major commercial Center.

C. The new virus may be mutated to become so smart to understand ‘Human Anatomy’. We know mutations are possible but it can lead to weaker side as well. Why 2nd mutation as well 3rd mutation is so virulent?

Is it an Engineered and Design Virus?

So if you read the basics of AI it is different from programming in that once you construct the right structure it basically learns and applies its learning without the creator being involved. A decade or more back most of the clever algorithms required super clever scientists, phds etc.

they had to coach every step into algorithms. Now with birth of machine learning and neural networks the AI system constantly tries different combinations and alternatives, learns then applies its learning. Example if you wrote a Stock Portfolio management application you would launch the neural networks and it will search for the right attributes and continually teach itself. There is option for supervised or unsupervised learning. Perhaps supervised you could teach it your way. But unsupervised the machine automatically learns. Viruses are very very advanced learning systems.

The covid virus might have mutated after it hit people with vaccines or people like younger population resisting attack. It would then have mutated.

 A virus for sure is programmable, they do that in the labs joining perhaps altering the structure of some deadly past virus like Sars, Ebola etc. The programming though is not coded instructions like software but 'structures' - like an atomic or chemical reaction. So not AI based but just traditional methods.

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