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Saturday, 4 April 2020


I sometimes wonder how our anti-nationals comprising Liberals, Leftists and Congress have been able to mislead the general public and give a communal colour to a patently nationalistic agenda. Do they not care about the state of the country that their generation is leaving behind?  The other day a plumber came to my house; he said that he was from Murshidabad district of West Bengal.  The district incidentally has one of the longest borders with Bangladesh.  I questioned him further and obviously he felt uncomfortable and took his wages and beat a hasty retreat.  Clearly, he had deprived one of our nationals from his earnings.  The illegal infiltrators are depriving the jobs and wages of our nationals.  No country in the world really wants the illegal infiltrators.  Boatloads of refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of Australia.  No Islamic nations really want the refugees of the Middle East.  Trump is constructing a wall with Mexico and separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents.  Britain is out of EU and Brexit is on; tightening control of immigrants from East European countries.  Bangladesh is bearing the burden of Rohingyas but not one Bangladeshi has ever gone on agitation to keep the Rohingyas in their country citing Muslim Brotherhood.  Where are the Liberals and Leftists in Bangladesh?   It appears the whole lot of them have concentrated in our country.  
The Congress government that was in power in our country and the National Conference government in power in J&K had accepted forty thousand of Rohingyas to reside in our country and had moved them to the volatile state of J&K; a good two thousand KMs away from the Indo-Myanmar border so that their assimilation in due course becomes a ‘fait accompli’.  Many of these people were given ration cards, Voters’ ID card and some were even given the Permanent Resident Card by the state government.  The overall aim was to change the demography of the Jammu region.  Mind you; none of them was settled in the valley.  All the refugee camps were in Jammu Region.  You should know that it was a Muslim majority state that had cleansed half a million Hindus in a secular India.  Adding another forty thousand Rohingya Muslims will further exacerbate the communal tensions and such situations are always welcomed by politicians, as they can relish themselves on vote bank communal politics in each election.   Death of a couple of hundreds in communal fights is really not a matter of concern as far as they can win their elections.  Only when the fault lines get exacerbated the politicians reap their dividends and wreak havoc on our nation.    
The other day I received a response to my earlier article entitled “Citizenship Amendment Act: Are We Losing the Perception Battle?” from a professor and author of Indian origin from across the Atlantic.  You all know how a few of them change their hues once they are settled in their assumed greener pastures! He accused me of soft Hindutva and riding on RSS ideology.  It is a very good accusation to silence you without assigning any counter to the arguments.  Another intellectual from the minority community gave a beautiful counter to my article, however, when it came to the nuts and bolts of CAA, he recused himself and started quoting articles of liberals and leftists, without giving his own understanding of the act. A few days back a sitting MLA wished to go to a minority area to explain CAA; he was not allowed entry as they all had made up their mind that the CAA is anti-Muslim and do not want to hear the truth that would allay their fears. 
Regarding JNU; the lesser said the better.  The university has about 50% who are pursuing their higher studies diligently.  The other half are goons.  Frankly, I do not understand their angst?  Is it to for breaking the country into 1000 parts? Or, to protest against the police entry to Jamia Milia? Or, to roll back the hike in the paltry fees, to the affordable section of students? Or; are protesting against the enactment of CAA? They have gone on strikes for all the above reasons and one does not really know; what they are angry about?  Remember, the female goon who shut the server of the university and shamelessly claimed responsibility! She is the role model and another one with a masked face leads the crowd in vandalising the property of the university.  Then we talk about gender inequality in our country.  Look at the sanctimonious words such as ‘temple of learning’ where the future of the country lies; etc, etc: Isn’t it a mockery?  Just close the university and make an environmental park out of it.  Let a forest replace it.  The people of Delhi can breathe a cleaner air rather than put up with the toxicity of the university, that is polluting the environment. 
Now, let us see the Act as such: The length of the Act is two pages and has one small para on the third page.  The readable portion of the Act has only 819 words.  Pray; my countrymen; why don’t you just read these eight hundred words? Have you all mortgaged your reading skills and believing what fiction writers and jukebox ‘zeros’ babble in their twitter?
Certain irrefutable facts of the Act: It is applicable to only illegal immigrants and NOT to Indian Citizens of any denomination. It intends to give citizenship to minorities comprising of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, and Christian Communities.  On the face of it; it looks discriminatory; just see, how the Muslims have been left out? It is a good argument to incense the ignorant.  I really do not expect the ‘Raga & Co’ to read beyond the first line, as they have already surpassed the upper limit of their intellectual capacity.
The second line is that it refers to the six communities belonging to Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.  They have 99.7, 90.39, 96.28 percentage of Muslim population respectively.  In addition, all three countries are Islamic Republics and members of OIC.  In the 1980s the Hindu and Sikh population in Afghanistan was 2,20,000.  Today it is 1350.  Who are persecuted; the majority Muslims or the Minority Hindus and Sikhs?  In Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) the population of Hindus was 22%.  Now it is 8.3 per cent.  Which religion has been persecuted? In Pakistan the percentage of minorities in 1947 was 23% and today it is 3.7 per cent.  Who are the persecuted?  Where have the minorities gone in in the last few decades from these countries?  Most of them due to persecution have come to India; some have got converted and stayed put and some have been ethnically cleansed by killing.  As late as this month, the holy shrine of Nankana Sahib came under an attack from a mob.  A Sikh girl was abducted by Muslims in Nankana Sahib and was forcibly married to Muslim youth. The brother of abducted victim complained to the police and that caused the rioting on the shrine.  Do we really need any more reasons for allowing the minorities a shelter in India?  It is an irony that the state of Punjab has passed a resolution negating the CAA.  Where is the question of discrimination, where the Muslim population is ranging from 99 to 90 per cent in these three countries?  Does it not sound silly that we need to make an act to get the Muslim illegal infiltrators from these Islamic Republics to India and give them citizenship?
The real reason; I think, that our Muslims are concerned about the follow-up NRC. Some smart aleck has written that after the CAA the Muslims will become second class citizens.  You want to see the condition of a second-class citizen; please visit Pakistan and look at the plight of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs there, before making such imprudent statements.  Firstly; no formal announcement has been made on NRC.  Yet, the government has released a ‘FAQs’ on the NRC through the Press Information Bureau. (  These questions and the answers allay all concerns regarding the NRC.  It includes a gamut of questions including assuring that the Birth Certificate of parents is not required.  Actually; the questions are well thought out leaves no doubts.  It further clarifies that Assam has a separate set of its own rules as per Assam Accord and the same is not applicable to the rest of the country.  However, the sceptics do not give up so easily.  Casting doubt and putting an odium of suspicion on every government initiative to ensure our Muslim citizens remain incensed, has been their singular plot.  The sceptics are questioning that the list of FAQs has not been signed by any government officer.  Hence, it is false and the Government wants to mislead people.  Assigning a ghost to every shadow and accusing the government of dubious intention is enough to fan the flame of discontent and distrust in the minorities.  Little, do they realise the Government in power has a massive mandate of the people and the CAA has been passed by both the houses; not a Presidential Ordnance to circumvent the parliament.  There are enough antinational sleeper cells in the country financed by our enemies with the aim to weaken and break up our nation. This is not a figment of imagination but the absolute truth.  There are wheels within wheels operating to destroy the nation.  Unless; we are all alert and alive to these threats; we will be leaving behind a country that is akin to Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.
Now, coming back to the unsigned FAQs issued by the Government of India through PIB.  If these so-called sceptics have an iota of an idea as to how a government functions this doubt would never have risen.  Firstly; the NRC has not even been formally passed by the parliament; rather not even discussed.  If that being so; how can any government officer write a letter?  Does he have a mandate? It may happen that the bill may not be passed in the parliament? Who knows? The Government functions on the authority of the parliament and it alone empowers the Government.  The press release is a commitment from the government in power that the procedure of implementing the NRC, should it get discussed and passed in the parliament.  It is an official press release by the Government of India through the PIB.  Then, why see a ghost in it? It definitely serves the anti-national lobby to cause disarray, disorder, destroy the government property and create distrust and schism between the government and ignorant people.  In the list, I also include those intelligent, educated public who do not want to read the 800 words of enactment of CAA.
Now, my message to the anti-national Liberals, the Leftists, who hate the country of their birth, intellectuals who do not have the patience to read beyond the first line of the Act, to the naïve students who come together to bunk classes under the guise of solidarity with other students who had also bunked their classes, to those who do not know about our nations heritage and history, to those who burn buses without even knowing why they are there in the first place, and those horrid politicians who can sell their mothers along with their motherland.  Does it need any extra intellect to understand that a National Identity Card is an essential requirement to all citizens, so that infiltrators do not come and squander our resources which are exclusive to our citizens?  They will tap into our job market and deprive our own citizens of our jobs.
The tailpiece is Nadella wanting one of the Bangladeshis to come to our country and become a CEO in India.  He is most welcome as Nadella himself had gone to the USA and made the Microsoft into a trillion-dollar company.  We are all proud of him. However, Mr Nadella; did you go to the US as an illegal infiltrator on a migrant boat to Mexico and jumped over the fence into Texas on a moonless night?

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