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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

MUST READ-PM Modi cleansing system of hawala-narcotics influence By MADHAV NALAPAT | New Delhi | 21 May, 2017

Modi has examined the records of officials under suspicion of having links to the hawala-narcotics industry. Although definitive numbers are difficult to come by, estimates are that the hawala-narcotics industry in India has a volume of Rs 186,000 crore annually, all of it unreported. Linked to the ISI, which has the final say in the operations of both the hawala trade as well as subcontinental commerce in narcotics, kingpins of the industry are the biggest funders of politicians across the ideological spectrum. An examination of the users of the chartered flights made available by the hawala-narcotics industry to VVIPs would show that the beneficiaries come from all sides of the political spectrum. Together with their political backers, this secretive industry enjoys the patronage of a large number of officials in agencies and departments, covering most segments of administration, but principally in the economic sphere. A particular target of their operations has been to seek to undermine or to get recruits from the uniformed services. In this context, the lapses in security that have enabled the entry of terrorists into several defence and security-related facilities over the past ten years, need to be examined by an independent authority, so as to overcome the manner in which each administrative and uniformed service seeks to cover up and protect those who (intentionally or otherwise) make mistakes that create avenues for terrorists to exploit. In the case of a post-2014 terror attack on a defence facility, basic standard procedures for ensuring the safety of personnel were ignored. Members of the service involved were, for example, found on the night of the attack sleeping in tents close to a fuel dump, which caught fire subsequently, leading to deaths through incineration, rather than through terrorist bullets of those who had been camped out in the open for reasons as yet unspecified. Ingress into the facility was made possible through ignoring of security parameters, as well as by errors that in other countries would call for a court martial, but in India appear to have been condoned. In the civilian field as well, gaps in procedures as well as errors in processes which facilitate the operation of hawala dealers linked to the narcotics trade have been commonplace till 2014, after which Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi began the lengthy and difficult process of improving the security and efficiency of systems and procedures in governance, especially in security-related fields. The GHQ Rawalpindi-controlled ISI has used the channels available to it within the administration in India to periodically launch psy-war operations designed to bring into disrepute India’s uniformed services. An example was the report nearly five years ago of the commander of a wing of the military attempting a coup. Exaggerated descriptions were made of troop and vehicular movements, and these were portrayed as having a sinister intent. Special operations units that had been set up by the commander in question, and which were effective in identifying moles and secret agents of an enemy power, were tarnished in media reports. Interestingly, a senior minister in a previous government was responsible for persuading some media entities to carry reports about the fake coup, misleading them into carrying reports that in effect portrayed those then at the head of the military in India as being of the same cloth as their counterparts in Pakistan, who have made coups and martial law a natural accompaniment of politics in that country. Two decades ago, this same minister had, through his influence, ensured the passing of orders that greatly facilitated an expansion of narcotics production in India, ostensibly for medical reasons, but with almost no check on whether or not production was going into lawful channels or not. Over the past two decades, as many as 37 civil servants have been the recipient of favours channelled through the politician in question. Several have been gifted properties, while others have been given funds to pay for the education of their children, or for shopping expeditions by family members in high cost locations in other countries. Any individual who crossed the politician could expect to get the attention of agencies tasked with ferreting out financial crimes in India. This was done in connivance with identifiable bureaucrats, who were smoothly herded through the promotion ladder because of the influence of the politician in question. An example was the ensuring of directorships in public sector banks to chosen individuals, who would then lobby for loans to corporate groups. The records will show many such appointments, especially from the period when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took charge in 2004, each made with the connivance of officials close to the minister in question. The umbrella of cash and protective services provided by the hawala-narcotics industry to those who were, and remain, the business, political and official associates of the politician in question, ensured a smooth ride also for those secretly linked to the ISI, usually through entities and individuals based in Dubai, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Unlike the “live and let live” attitude of his predecessors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy towards the hawala-narcotics nexus that has infected so much of business, government and politics in India. Those associated with government processes say that Modi has carefully and methodically examined the records of officials under suspicion of having links to the hawala-narcotics industry, and specifically to the politician in question, who, together with some of his family members, has been known for decades to be close to such interests. It is likely that action will follow in the most egregious of cases of favours shown to particular politicians, despite the reality of some in the administrative services being overprotective of those in their particular cadre. Officers relatively junior in age, but untainted by linkage to anti-national groups, have been identified by the PMO and marked for advancement, while care has been taken by the PM to ensure that sensitive agencies come under the control of those with a spotless record. It is regarded as certain that such attention to personnel choices will ensure the cleaning up of the administrative mechanism by 2019 that was promised by Modi during the last Lok Sabha election cycle. As for the prominent politician, who played the ISI game by smearing the leadership of the military as coup masters, neither his access to money nor his friends in business, officialdom and politics will come in the way of accountability being enforced. Of course, the former minister’s contacts are even now working overtime to ensure that he get off the hook, worried as they are that their own links to him and by extension to the hawala-narcotics industry will get exposed. However, it is clear that Prime Minister Modi will not allow any interested person or combination of persons to intervene in his drive to ensure that administration and politics in India get cleansed of those who are or were high up in the official machinery, who are associates of ISI-run narcotics-hawala syndicates in Dubai and Bangkok especially

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

शरीफ यांची नाचक्की! अनेक कारणांमुळे सध्या पाकिस्तानला ‘बुरे दिन’ - सचिन बनछोडे

सध्या मायदेशात पनामा पेपर्समुळे चव्हाट्यावर आलेल्या भ्रष्टाचाराने संकटात सापडलेले पाकिस्तानचे पंतप्रधान नवाज शरीफ हे आंतरराष्ट्रीय पातळीवरही मोठ्या मानहानीला तोंड देत आहेत. संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघातील अपयश, कुलभुषण जाधव प्रकरणी आंतरराष्ट्रीय न्यायालयातील अपयश, जागतिक पातळीवर दहशतवादाच्या मुद्याने आलेला बहिष्कृतपणा अशा अनेक कारणांमुळे सध्या पाकिस्तानला ‘बुरे दिन’ आले आहेत. सौदी अरेबियातील इस्लामी राष्ट्रांच्या परिषदेतही हेच दृश्य पाहायला मिळणे हे पाकिस्तानसाठी अत्यंत अनपेक्षित आणि धक्कादायकच होते. या परिषदेत अमेरिकेचे राष्ट्राध्यक्ष डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प यांनाही निमंत्रित करण्यात आले होते. त्यावेळी ट्रम्प यांनी आपल्या भाषणात शरीफ किंवा पाकिस्तानचा नामोल्लेखही केला नाही, उलट भारत दहशतवादाने पिडित झालेला देश आहे असे सांगून भारताविषयीची सहानुभुती व्यक्त केली. ट्रम्प यांच्यासमोर भाषण करण्याची संधी मिळेल म्हणून शरीफ यांनी दीड तासांचे भाषण तयार केले होते, पण त्यांना ही संधी मिळालीच नाही. अनेक छोट्या राष्ट्रांना ही संधी मिळाली आणि पाकिस्तानला डावलण्यात आले. अर्थातच याची प्रतिक्रिया पाकिस्तानात उमटणे साहजिकच आहे. विरोधकांनी पाकिस्तानच्या या अपमानाबद्दल नवाज शरीफ यांनाच जबाबदार धरून त्यांच्यावर टीकेची झोड उठवली आहे. ‘तेहरीक-ए-इन्साफ’ या पक्षाचा सर्वेसर्वा आणि माजी क्रिकेटपटू इम्रान खान याने ही संधी घेऊन शरीफ यांच्यावर पुन्हा हल्लाबोल केला. शरीफ यांनी ट्रम्पबरोबर गोल्फ खेळण्याची संधी मिळेल म्हणून आपल्या सुरक्षाकर्मचार्यांनबरोबर भरपूर सराव केला, पण त्यांना खेळणे दूरच, मैदानातही येऊ दिले नाही, अशी बोचरी टीका इम्रानने केली. पाकिस्तानातील प्रसार माध्यमांनीही याबाबत सरकारवर खरमरीत टीका केली आहे. दहशतवादाच्या मुद्यावर पाकिस्तानला एकटे पाडण्यात भारताला मिळालेले यश इस्लामी राष्ट्रांच्या परिषदेतही असे दिसून आले, हे विशेष!

यापुढे जशास तसे?- pudhari-आचारसंहितेचे कौतुक सांगणार्याव दीडशहाण्यांनी लष्कराला जाब विचारण्याची स्पर्धा सुरू केली आणि त्या राजकीय दबावामुळे गोगोईच्या विरोधात चौकशी घोषित करावी लागली. अशाच राजकीय पोरखेळामुळे आज काश्मिरात दगडफेके व घुसखोर जिहादी शिरजोर झाले आहेत आणि लष्करासह पोलिस हतप्रभ झाले आहेत. हातातले हत्यार वा अंगातला पुरुषार्थ वापरण्यासच पायबंद घातला जाणार असेल, तर जवानांनी व सेनेने कुठला पराक्रम करून दाखवावा?

कुठल्याही कठोर कारवाईच्या आधी इशारा दिला जात असतो आणि भारताचे लष्करप्रमुख बिपीन रावत यांनी तो इशारा आपल्या एका कृतीतून दिला आहे. तो इशारा अर्थातच काश्मिरात माजलेल्या अनागोंदीच्या संदर्भातला आहे. काश्मिरात सातत्याने हिंसक हल्ले होत आहेत आणि पाकिस्तानी घुसखोर जिहादी हलकल्लोळ माजवत आहेत. गेल्या तीन दशकांत क्रमाक्रमाने हा प्रकार अधिकच वाढला आहे. तिथे लष्कर तैनात करूनही हिंसाचार थांबलेला नाही, किंवा अनागोंदीला पायबंद घातला जाऊ शकलेला नाही. आता तर घुसखोर वा जिहादींशी पोलिस लष्करच्या चकमकी चालू असताना, गुन्हेगारांना वाचवण्यासाठी पोलिसांवरच दगडफेक करण्याचा नवा प्रकार आरंभला गेला आहे. शाळा वा सरकारी इमारती पेटवून देण्याच्या घटना नित्यनेमाने घडत असतात. त्यात निवारण कार्याला पोलिस, लष्कराचे जवान गेले, की त्यांच्यावरच हल्ले चढवले जातात. गेल्या महिन्यात श्रीनगर येथील पोटनिवडणुकीच्या बंदोबस्ताला तैनात असलेल्या जवानांवर दगड मारण्यापासून त्यांची छेडछाड करण्यापर्यंतची घटना कॅमेर्यावत टिपली गेली व जगाने बघितली आहे. त्याच काळात गडबड झाल्याची सूचना मिळाल्यावर आपली तुकडी घेऊन लष्कराचा अधिकारी मेजर नितीन गोगोई चालला होता. त्याच्या तुकडीवरही दगडफेक सुरू झाली. अशाप्रसंगी कुठलीही सेना वा तिची तुकडी हल्लेखोरांवर गोळीबार करून आपला मार्ग मोकळा करीत असते. तसे गोगोई करू शकला असता आणि त्यात दगडफेक्यांसह कदाचित काही नागरिकही मारले गेले असते; पण या तरुण अधिकार्याफने आपली कल्पकता दाखवून एकही गोळी न झाडता सुखरूप आपल्या स्थानी पोहोचून दाखवले. त्याने दगडफेक करणार्यांूपैकी एकाला पकडला आणि आपल्या लष्करी जीपच्या पुढे बॉनेटवर बांधला. सुरुवातीला त्याची जीप चालली होती आणि त्यावरच आपला एक काश्मिरी दगडफेक्या बांधलेला बघून, तमाम आझादीप्रेमींचा धीर सुटला. हातातले दगड निकामी झाले आणि कोणी त्या लष्करी तुकडीवर दगड मारण्याची हिंमत करू शकला नाही. हे कितपत योग्य होते? याची नंतर खूप चर्चा झाली. लष्कराने काय करावे आणि कसे वागावे, त्याचे नियम व आचारसंहिता वातानुकूलीत दालनात बसून करणार्यांसना त्यात अमानुषता दिसली. कारण त्यांना युद्धभूमी वा दंगलग्रस्त प्रदेश यातला फरक ठाऊक नसतो. कागद वा त्यातल्या नोंदी इतकीच वास्तविकता त्यांना ठाऊक असते; पण मारला गेलेला दगड वा झाडली जाणारी गोळी यातून जखमी होऊन रक्ततबंबाळ अवस्थेत विचार नावाची प्रक्रिया कशी होत असते, त्याचा त्यांना सूतराम अनुभव नसतो. मृत्यूशी झुंज वा मृत्यूशी भेटगाठ, याची त्यांना ओळखही नसते; पण गोगोई वा कुठलाही सैनिक त्याच अनुभवातून कायम जात असतात. म्हणून त्यांना त्या स्थितीतले उपाय शोधावे लागत असतात. कुठल्याही कामाची पद्धत दुय्यम असते आणि परिणाम मोलाचे असतात. परिणाम साधण्यासाठीच काम करायचे असते. ठराविक परिणाम साधण्यासाठी प्रत्येकवेळी तोच उपाय वा तीच पद्धती उपयुक्ता असेल असे नाही. कामासाठी निघालेल्या माणसाने काम पूर्ण करण्याला महत्त्व असते. गोगोई एका निवडणूक केंद्रात झालेले अराजक शांत करण्यासाठी निघाला होता आणि तिथे सुखरूप पोहोचून मतदान शांतपणे पार पाडण्याची कामगिरी मोलाची होती. त्याच्यावर कुठला जमाव दगडफेक करीत असेल तर त्यांच्याशी लढत बसणे वा त्यांना शांत करण्यात कालापव्यय करणे, म्हणजे सोपवलेल्या कामाला दुय्यम लेखून आचारसंहितेचे थोतांड माजवणे होते. गोगोईने त्यातून प्रासंगिक उपाय शोधला. दगड मारणार्यांेपैकी एकाला उचलून जीपवर बांधले आणि लष्करी गाड्यांचा ताफा आरामात त्याच ठरल्या मार्गाने पुढे आणला. समोर आपलाच एक भाईबंद असल्याने त्या ताफ्यावर कोणी दगड मारू शकला नाही आणि लष्करी तुकडीलाही कुठली गोळी झाडावी लागली नाही. थोडक्यात, काश्मिरी दगडफेके व लष्करी जवान दोघेही सुखरूप राहिले. योग्यस्थळी पोहोचल्यावर गोगोईने त्या दगडफेक्याला जीपवरून सोडवून स्थानिक पोलिसांच्या हाती सोपवले; पण गोगोईच्या या कल्पकता वा कर्तव्यदक्षतेचे कौतुक बाजूला राहिले. आपापल्या आचारसंहितेचे कौतुक सांगणार्याव दीडशहाण्यांनी लष्कराला जाब विचारण्याची स्पर्धा सुरू केली आणि त्या राजकीय दबावामुळे गोगोईच्या विरोधात चौकशी घोषित करावी लागली. अशाच राजकीय पोरखेळामुळे आज काश्मिरात दगडफेके व घुसखोर जिहादी शिरजोर झाले आहेत आणि लष्करासह पोलिस हतप्रभ झाले आहेत. हातातले हत्यार वा अंगातला पुरुषार्थ वापरण्यासच पायबंद घातला जाणार असेल, तर जवानांनी व सेनेने कुठला पराक्रम करून दाखवावा? सेना व सैनिक हे पराक्रमी असतात, ते पराक्रम गाजवू शकतात, चमत्कार करू शकत नाहीत, हे वैज्ञानिक सत्य आहे. दगडफेक्यांना समजून सांगणे हे नागरी यंत्रणांचे काम आहे. हत्यारबंद लष्कराने शस्त्राचीच भाषा वापरायची असते. जेव्हा सैन्याची तैनाती होते, तेव्हा समजावण्याची भाषा निकामी ठरल्याचा इशारा आपोआप दिला जात असतो आणि सैन्याने सैन्यासारखेच वागायचे असते. बलप्रयोग हाच सैन्याचा मार्ग असतो; पण दोन्हीच्या मधला उपाय गोगोईने चतुराईने शोधला आणि वापरला असेल, तर त्याच्या कल्पकतेचे कौतुकच व्हायला हवे आहे. सुदैवाने तितकी हिंमत व आत्मविश्वा स असलेला सेनाप्रमुख बिपीन रावत आपल्या देशात आहे आणि त्याने सोमवारी आपल्या या कल्पक अधिकारी मेजर गोगोईचे स्पष्ट भूमिका घेऊन कौतुक केले आहे; पण ते नुसते कौतुक नसून त्यात काश्मिरी उचापतखोरांना इशारा दिला गेला आहे. यापुढे जशास तसे उत्तर मिळेल, असा तो इशारा आहे..

प्रत्येक नागरिकाने ‘सैनिक’ बनणे अनिवार्य!- जयेश राणे अतिरेकी, नक्षलवादी हे सैनिक आणि पोलिसांवर आक्रमण करत आहेत. हिंदुस्थानात अशांती पसरवण्यासाठी या माध्यमांतून त्यांचे प्रयत्न सुरूच आहेत. काही दिवसांच्या अंतराने वा सलग काही दिवस हल्ले चालू आहेत. गेल्या काही दिवसांत यात झालेली वाढ जेवढी चिंताजनक आहे, तेवढीच बिकट स्थितीवर चिंतन करून थेट कृती करण्यास भाग पाडणारी आहे.

पाकिस्तानशी युद्धच करा असे देशातील जनता टाहो फोडून सांगत आहे. तरीही आजपर्यंत या जनतेचा आवाज ऐकला गेलेला नाही. एका बाजूने देश विविध क्षेत्रांत प्रगती करत आहे, तर दुसऱ्या बाजूने शत्रूकडून होणाऱ्या हल्ल्यांमुळे पिचत आहे. त्यामुळे देशाची प्रगती शत्रूच्या कारवायांपुढे झाकोळली जात आहे. हिंदुस्थानच्या प्रगतीने पोटशूळ उठणारे शत्रू देशाला कधीच स्वस्थ बसू देणार नाहीत. ते कुरापती काढत राहून प्रगतीस गालबोट लावण्याचे काम करीतच राहणार. हिंदुस्थानवर आक्रमणांची टांगती तलवार कायम कशी राहील याचे व्यवस्थित नियोजन शत्रू करत आहेत, हे त्यांच्या आक्रमणांवरून कळते. शत्रूशी युद्ध केल्यास देशाच्या अर्थव्यवस्थेस धोका पोचेल, देश काही दशके मागे जाईल, त्यावेळी देशांतर्गत सुरक्षा कशी राखायची असे अनेक प्रश्न हिंदुस्थान सरकारसमोर असतील. अर्थात प्रश्न आहे तिथे उत्तर आहेच. याबाबत अमेरिकेपेक्षा उत्तम उदाहरण नाही. हा देश प्रगतीची उंच शिखरे सर करतच आहे, सोबतच जगाची डोकेदुखी ठरलेल्या जिहादी आतंकवादाची पाळेमुळे खणून काढण्यासाठी त्यांच्यावर सतत आक्रमण करून त्यांना नामोहरम करत आहे. हिंदुस्थानी सैन्य पाकिस्तानच्या कुरापतींना वेळीच चोख उत्तर देत असले तरी असे कधीपर्यंत सुरू राहणार, हा प्रश्न देशवासीयांना सतावतो आहे. आयुष्यातील वाईट काळ लवकर संपावा असे प्रत्येकास वाटत असते. अतिरेक्यांच्या माध्यमातून राष्ट्रावर काही दशके कायम असलेल्या वाईट काळाचा पगडा दिवसेंदिवस अधिक घट्ट होत आहे. तेव्हा प्रति आक्रमण करूनच या शत्रूला जगाच्या नकाशावरून नष्ट करावे लागणार आहे. तरच हे राष्ट्रीय संकट दूर होणार आहे. दहशतवाद्यांच्या मार्फत देशाच्या सुरक्षा यंत्रणांना लक्ष्य केले जात आहे. जिथे सैनिक, पोलीसच सुरक्षित नाहीत तिथे नागरिकांची सुरक्षा कोण करणार? असा संदेश त्या यंत्रणांवरील हल्ल्यांच्या माध्यमातून देशामध्ये सतत जात राहील असे पाहिले जात आहे. सैनिक आणि नागरिकांवर असुरक्षिततेचा मानसिक दबाव ठेवण्यासाठी शत्रू खेळत असलेल्या डावपेचांना हरताळ फासायला हवा. अर्थात हे फक्त सरकारचे एकट्य़ाचे काम नाही. जनतेनेही आपली जबाबदारी पार पाडली पाहिजे. त्यासाठी देशातील नागरिकांना सैन्यासोबत राहणे अत्यावश्यक आहे. शत्रूचा कशा प्रकारे पाडाव करता येतो याचे कैक दाखले हिंदुस्थानी वीर, राजे-महाराजे आणि राणी यांच्या पराक्रमी कर्तृत्वातून अनुभवले आहेत. ते कर्तृत्व जागृत करण्यासाठी त्यांच्या पराक्रमी गाथांचा गांभीर्याने अभ्यास होण्याची नितांत गरज भासत आहे. आपले सैनिक देशाचे रक्षण करतच आहेत, पण आज अशी स्थिती आहे की, नागरिकांनाही शत्रूसोबत लढण्यास सिद्ध राहावे लागणार आहे. म्हणजेच नागरिकांनाही सैनिकच बनावे लागणार आहे. सवाशे कोटी लोकसंख्या असलेल्या हिंदुस्थानने याविषयी जागृती करण्यासाठी काय करता येईल याचा अभ्यास केला पाहिजे. देशाच्या विविध क्षेत्रांतील प्रगतीत वृद्धी व्हावी यासाठी चोहोबाजूंनी प्रयत्न सुरू आहेत. आता देशांतर्गत सुरक्षा सक्षम करण्यासाठी नागरिकांना कसे प्रोत्साहित करता येईल हे पाहणे अनिवार्य झाले आहे. दिवसेंदिवस सीमेवरील संघर्षात होणारी वाढ त्या आवश्यकतेकडे लक्ष वेधते. त्यामुळे शत्रूच्याही लक्षात येईल की, हिंदुस्थानचे सैनिकच नाहीत तर त्यांचे नागरिकही लढण्यास सज्ज आहेत. परिणामी शत्रूचे कंबरडे मोडण्यासाठी सैन्यास अधिक हिंमत मिळेल. याप्रकरणी गंभीरतेने विचार झाला पाहिजे. सीमेवर जसा धुमाकूळ घालण्यात येत आहे तसाच देशात पसरलेल्या अतिरेक्यांच्या जाळ्याच्या सहाय्यानेही घालण्याचे शत्रूचे मनसुबे त्यामुळे धुळीस मिळतील. त्यामुळे देशात लपून बसलेले पाकिस्तानी, बांगलादेशी घुसखोर यांच्या मुसक्या आवळणे शक्य होईल. राष्ट्रसेवा हे केवळ सैनिकांचे दायित्व नाही तर ते देशातील प्रत्येक नागरिकाचे दायित्व आहे

बेल्ट अँड रोडमध्ये भारत का नाही?-दिवाकर देशपांडे भारताने चीनच्या ‘बेल्ट अँड रोड’ कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्याचे काहीच कारण नाही. शिवाय, आज जे चीनच्या मांडीला मांडी लावून बसले आहेत, ते उद्या त्यांच्या हिताला धक्का लागल्यावर या प्रकल्पात असतीलच, असेही नाही…

चीनच्या ‘रोड अँड बेल्ट’ प्रकल्पात भारत सामील झाला नाही याची सध्या दोन टोकांत चर्चा चालू आहे. एकीकडे भारताने यात सामील होऊन काहीच फायदा नाही, तो सामील झाला नाही तेच बरे झाले, असे एक मत आहे तर दुसरीकडे भारताने जागतिक व्यापारातली एक संधी गमावली आणि तो एकाकी पडला, असे काहींना वाटते आहे. यातली वस्तुस्थिती अशी आहे की, भारत या प्रकल्पात सामील झाला असता तर त्याचा फारच मर्यादित फायदा झाला असता. भारताच्या व्यापारी गरजा या चीनपेक्षा वेगळ्या आहेत व त्यासाठी त्याला त्याचे वेगळे मार्ग शोधावे लागतील. चीनने जो प्रकत्प आखला आहे, त्यातला चीन-म्यानमार-बांगलादेश-भारत एवढाच मार्ग भारताच्या उपयोगाचा आहे आणि तेवढ्याच एका मार्गासाठी चीनला भारत या प्रकल्पात हवा आहे. भारताला खरी गरज आहे ती पश्चिम आशियातील देशांकडे जाणाऱ्या व्यापारी मार्गाची, ती पाकिस्तानच्या आडमुठेपणामुळे पुरी होत नाही आणि चीनच्या या प्रकल्पात तसा मार्ग नाही. ‘बेल्ट अँड रोड’मध्ये भारत सामील झाल्यास पाकवर दबाव टाकून हा मार्ग भारताला मिळण्याची भाषा चीन करत नाही. बेल्ट अँड रोड प्रकल्पात दक्षिण आशियातील सर्व मार्ग हे उत्तर-दक्षिण आहेत, ज्यांचा भारताला फारसा उपयोग नाही. भारताला हवे आहेत पूर्व-पश्चिम मार्ग, ते या प्रकल्पात नाहीत. त्यामुळेच, भारत इराणमधील चहाबहार बंदर विकसित करून पश्चिम आशियायी देशांशी व्यापाराची सोय करून घेत आहे. बेल्ट अँड रोडच्या या मर्यादित उपयोगामुळे भारत या प्रकल्पात नाही. यात एकाकी पडण्याचा प्रश्नच येत नाही. असे असले तरी भारताचा चीनच्या या महत्त्वाकांक्षी प्रकल्पाकडे पाहण्याचा दष्टिकोन सहानुभूतीचाच होता. भारताची प्रारंभिक भूमिका ही होती की, हा प्रकल्प चीनने त्याच्या व्यापारी गरजांना अनुकूल असा केला आहे व त्याचे व्यापारी मार्ग हे अनेक देशांतून जात असल्यामुळे त्यांच्या सुरक्षिततेसाठी त्याला त्या सर्व देशांचे सहकार्य हवे आहे, ते मिळविण्यासाठी त्याने त्या त्या देशांत गुंतवणुकीची तयारी दर्शविली आहे. पण ही गुंतवणूक चीन आपल्या गरजा व अटी यांना अनुसरून करणार आहे, हे योग्य नाही. चीनने संबंधित देशांना हा प्रकल्प आखण्यातच सहभागी करून घ्यावे, पण चीनने ‘आमचा हा प्रकल्प असा आहे, त्यात यायचे तर या नाही तर जा’ अशी भूमिका घेतली ती भारताला मान्य नाही. त्यामुळे या प्रकल्पात भारत सामील होणार नाही. भारताच्या असहकाराचे सर्वांत मोठे व महत्त्वाचे कारण आहे, ते चीनची भारताच्या संदर्भात पाकिस्तानविषयक भूमिका. चीनने बेल्ट अँड रोड प्रकल्प हा स्वत:चा व्यापार व स्वत:चा जगतिक प्रभाव वाढविण्यासाठी आखला आहे. चीनला तो अधिकार आहे, पण तसे करताना भारताच्या हितसंबंधाचा चीनला विचार करावा लागणार आहे. या प्रकल्पात भारत सामील होऊन चीनचा जागतिक व्यापार व प्रभाव वाढविण्यास मदत करणार असेल तर चीननेही भारताला तशी मदत करायला हवी. पाकला भारताविरूद्ध मदत करीत राहून चीनला हे काम करता येणार नाही. उलट चीनने भारताचा दावा असलेल्या पाकव्याप्त काश्मीरमधून चीन-पाकिस्तान कॉरिडॉर भारताला अंधारात ठेवून नेला व भारताच्या सार्वभौमत्वाचा अनादर केला. आता या मार्गाच्या सुरक्षेसाठी चीन आपली सुरक्षा दले पाकिस्तानमध्ये आणणार आहे, त्यामुळे भारताच्या पश्चिम सीमेवरही चीनचे सैन्य येण्याची शक्यता आहे. चीन-पाकिस्तान कॉरिडार निर्मितीच्या अटी एवढ्या कडक आहेत की, त्यामुळे पाकिस्तानचे सार्वभौमत्व चीनकडे गहाण पडण्याची शक्यता आहे. सुमारे ५० बिलियन डॉलर खर्चाच्या या कॉरिडॉरसाठी चीनने पाकला ७५ टक्के कर्ज दिले आहे, ज्यावर चीन ७ टक्के व्याज आकारणार आहे व त्याच्या विम्याचा खर्च १६ टक्के आहे, अशा प्रकारे जवळपास २३ टक्के दरसाल कर्जावर परतावा द्यावा लागेल. या प्रकल्पाचा २५ टक्के भाग रस्तेबांधणीचा आहे तर ७५ टक्के भाग हा वीजनिर्मितीचा आहे. ही वीज कोळशावर होणार आहे व त्यासाठी आफ्रिकेतून कोळसा येणार आहे. ही वीज ७ रूपये युनिट या दराने चीन पाकला विकणार असून ती सर्व वीज विकत घेणे पाकवर बंधनकारक आहे. थोडक्यात, हा पाकसाठी कर्जाचा दीर्घकालीन सापळा आहे, हे कर्ज फेडण्याची पाकची क्षमता नाही. त्यातच चीन पाकला शेतीसाठी जमीन मागत आहे. या शेतजमिनीत चीन शेतीविषयक प्रयोग करणार आहे व आंतरराष्ट्रीय बाजारात मागणी असेल तीच पिके लावून निर्यात करणार आहे. शिवाय, पाकमध्ये फायबर ऑप्टिकचे जाळे निर्माण करण्याची चीनची योजना आहे. थोडक्यात, पाकचा संपूर्ण कारभार ताब्यात घेण्याची तयारी चीनने चालवली आहे, भारताच्या पश्चिम सीमेवर चीनने अशा प्रकारे बस्तान बसवणे भारताला धोकादायक वाटत आहे. त्यामुळेही, पाकिस्तानातील सीपेकला पर्यायाने बेल्ट अँड रोड प्रकल्पाला भारताचा विरोध आहे. अमेरिकेने व जपाननेही ‘नाही, नाही..’ असे आधी म्हणत चीनमधील बेल्ट अँड रोड परिषदेला आपले प्रतिनिधी पाठवले, याकडे अनेकांनी लक्ष वेधले आहे. या देशांनी आपले प्रतिनिधी पाठवले हे खरे, पण त्या देशांनी आपण या प्रकल्पात भाग घेत आहोत, हे जाहीर केलेले नाही. किंबहुना, चीनच्या या प्रकल्पाविषयी भारतापेक्षाही या दोन देशांमध्ये अधिक साशंकता आहे. जगातले अनेक देश या प्रकल्पात सामील होत आहेत, पण ते त्यांच्या हितसंबंधांचा विचार करूनच. ते चीनचा प्रकल्प जशाचा तसा मान्य करतील असे समजण्याचे कारण नाही. प्रकल्पाचा तपशील जसजसा ठरत जाईल तसतसे या प्रकल्पातील भगदाडे उघडी पडू लागतील. त्यामुळे, पहिली परिषद यशस्वी झाली म्हणजे चीनचे प्रकल्पाचे स्वप्न साकार झाले, असे समजण्याचे कारण नाही. दक्षिण चीन समुद्रात चीन साहस करणार असेल तर या प्रकल्पातून युरोपीय देश बाहेर पडण्याची शक्यता नाकारता येत नाही. भारताने प्रकल्पात सामील होऊच नये असे नाही, आपल्या हितसंबंधांचा विचार करूनच काय तो निर्णय घेतला पाहिजे. उद्या चीनने काही ठोस आश्वासने दिली तर भारत त्यात सामील होणार नाही, असे नाही. भारतापुढे पर्याय खुला आहे. त्यामुळेच चीनने भारतासाठी दरवाजे उघडे आहेत, असे म्हटले आहे.

Last letter of Lt Ummer Fayaz I get suspicious. Who delivered it? Oh, looks like the soldier didn't leave.

Tarun Vijay Nothing interests me anything anymore. The soldier I met last month keeps following me. Wherever I go. I try to drive through the slogan-shouting crowds at Jantar Mantar, seeing a collage of angry, blank, aggressive, calm, hopeful and disillusioned faces. Banners with demands for water, employment, solutions to farmers’ agricultural woes, demands to revive dying rivers. Demonstrators blocking the way to attract attention to the extinction of a rare breed of bats. The soldier patiently watches me passing through all this and keeps following with his questioning eyes focussed on me. I look at the political hoardings, huge cut-outs, new alliances, formidable looking coalitions against one party. Ganga, Krishna, Kaveri movements. Buddha’s message to look inwards for peace and tranquility. I try to look inwards but I see the face of that soldier. He is not impressed and wants an answer. I try to run away but he, like a shadow, confidently comes along. His questioning eyes now terrify me. I try to collect some courage and look straight into his eyes. They have a question but I don't know the answer. I can't even decipher what he is trying to ask. I mumble, sir, please don't follow me. I can't understand what are you asking. Please leave me. He doesn't say anything. I hurriedly get into the International Intellectual Club. Order some grilled sandwiches and an iced coffee. It's so loveable. I take up some newspapers and see their special supplements. The news is hardly worth reading these days. So I look at the entertainment section. IPL matches. New teams. Young, unheard-of cricketers being auctioned at astounding prices. The new food joints in Hauz Khas village. A famous chef has just arrived from Amsterdam with the most bizarre delicacies. Fashion divas’ summer shows. Property rates touching a horrible low in Gurugram. The poor, frustrated stone-pelters being subjected to another round of atrocious torture by the forces. Some TV channels are sad and a few columnists asking for justice for the man, Farooq Dar, who was used as a shield in front of an Army jeep. A few of them even interviewed his mother and asked questions about his childhood, his dreams and how she felt when she saw her son in that condition. Very emotional interview. In protest against government atrocities on the jihadi peaceniks, some journalists and award-winning authors want to return the ACs fitted in their bathrooms to a government agency. "AC wapsi" campaign by angry justice-seekers. But let the summer pass. It's so hot these days. The soldier keeps watching me. He is not in a hurry. I return home, fatigued and nervous. I look around - the road wears an eerie silence. Oh, the soldier must have gone back to his barracks, I suppose. Do they have ACs in their bunkers? Must be provided in this heat. Some of them serve in Jaisalmer also. But then aren't they paid to live without ACs and face stone-missiles and bullets I suppose. It's all part of their job. Huh, that's not my problem. It's shower time. Needed after a hectic day. Hot delicious food is waiting at the table. I won't take more than five minutes I tell myself. At the table a note is kept for me. The domestic help pinned it there so that I read it unfailingly. It says: We both left home at 18. You cleared JEE, I got recommended. You got IIT, I got NDA. You persuaded your degree, I had the toughest training. Your day started at 7, And ended at 5. Mine started at 4 till 9, and Some nights also included. You had your convocation ceremony, I had my POP. Best company took you and Best package was awarded, I was ordered to join my paltan 2 stars piped on my shoulders. You got a job, I got a way of life. Every eve you got to see your family, I just wished I got to see my parents soon. You celebrated festivals with lights and music, I celebrated with my comrade in bunkers. We both married. Your wife got to see you every day, My mother just wished I was alive. You were sent to business trips, I was sent on line of control. We both returned. Your wife and my mother couldn't control their tears, You wiped hers but, I couldn't... You hugged her but, I couldn't... Because I was lying in the coffin, With medals on my chest and, Coffin wrapped with tricolour. My way of life ended... Yours continued. In the name of Allah, the merciful, they had killed me. It was signed - Lt Ummer Fayaz. I get suspicious. Who delivered it? Oh, looks like the soldier didn't leave. I have lost my appetite. I go to sleep. But the questioning eyes of the soldier are still staring at me

It is extremely heartening to note that General Bipin Rawat, COAS ( Chief of Army Staff ) ha awarded a Commendation card to Major Gogoi, for his bold, outstanding and most unconventional decision/action in J&K last month, and that too in the face of pending inquiries, and unwarranted adverse comments from certain irresponsible political personalities as well as stupid armchair type of Page-3 peaceniks.

A New Ethos in the Army It is extremely heartening to note that General Bipin Rawat, COAS ( Chief of Army Staff ) ha awarded a Commendation card to Major Gogoi, for his bold, outstanding and most unconventional decision/action in J&K last month, and that too in the face of pending inquiries, and unwarranted adverse comments from certain irresponsible political personalities as well as stupid armchair type of Page-3 peaceniks. Also, kudos to the COAS as well as the Army organisation as a whole, for fielding Major Gogoi himself today in front of the whole nation, on every major TV channel individually. He has given an extremely succint and vivid account of the situation and the incident -- and comes across as a very confident, mature and bold Young officer. His interview, especially to the News X channel, is particularly good and forthright, including what he said about Farukh Abdullah and the instigation by the mosques. 3 cheers to this brave and cool young man from the North East - we need more such active, honest , dedicated, aggressive within bounds, and quick thinking officers in the Army. (( A good lesson for our senior officers, who are generally cautious to the extent of being timid and hesitant, particularly to stand up to the Rights of the Armed Forces.)) Let us hope that a new face and new ethos of the Army shall come to fore under this new chief, and also that the age old tradition of the Organisation , of standing by the soldiers who take certain decisions in precarious situations, is revived, as exemplified by this incident.

The Indian Army's decision to confer on Monday the COAS commendation card on Major Leetul Gogoi IS RIGHT

The Indian Army's decision to confer on Monday the COAS commendation card on Major Leetul Gogoi has understandably kicked off a furious debate. To recall, the army officer had received intense criticism for tying up an 'innocent' Kashmiri to the bonnet of his jeep, to thwart a stone-pelting mob during the recent byelection for the Srinagar Lok Sabha seat on 9 April. Politicians hauled him over the coals, Jammu & Kashmir Police lodged an FIR against him and even the army, which came out in his support, lodged a Court of Inquiry against him. It was said then that Major Gogoi had committed grave human rights violations and a "war crime" through his "barbaric act". It is being said now that by condoning his "barbarism" and "illegality", the Indian government and the army have legitimised the use of human-shields and alienated the Kashmiris further. It is also being said that India's conduct, in this case, is in direct contradiction with its stance at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) where it successfully challenged Pakistan's trampling of Kulbhushan Jadhav's rights and violation of the Geneva Convention. To be clear, the use of 'human shield' is a hugely problematic gesture. It is an unnatural act. It is also against the code of conduct of the Indian Army, which is widely feted as a professional unit. The question to ask is, why would the Indian Army award an officer who clearly flouted its own guidelines? Was Major Gogoi deranged, as some are suggesting? Or was he guided by a higher motivation? For a rational judgement, the first thing to consider is the circumstances under which the Rashtriya Rifles commander took his split-second decision. The second thing to consider is his intent. Finally, we must take a look at the outcome. To argue that Major Gogoi trussed up a 26-year-old Kashmiri in front of his vehicle to make an example out of him, and from there, to launch invectives about violation of the Geneva Convention and human rights is to strip the army officer's actions of context. If context is taken out of actions, narratives can be twisted at will. What stops us from, for instance, justifying the Sukma attack on CRPF jawans as 'innocent villagers' taking out their wrath against the might of the Indian state? Why stop at Maoists? The British government or the Chinese government may offer similar justifications to justify Jallianwala Bagh massacre or the Tiananmen Square massacre, as legitimate actions to suppress "terrorists". While parsing Major Gogoi's actions and whether or not it conforms to highest standards of behaviour expected of a soldier, we must remember that the debate is not taking place within the sanitised environment of ICJ and the besieged officer didn’t have days to prepare himself for the situation, as the learned counsels from India and Pakistan did before appearing for the Kulbhushan Jadhav hearing. The entire comparison is a clever conflation and an example of false equivalence. As media reports have pointed out, responding to an urgent message of distress from Indo-Tibetan Border Police, local police and poll officials who were held hostage in a Budgam polling booth on 9 April by a murderous mob (some positioned themselves on rooftops) wielding stones, petrol bombs and sticks, Major Gogoi led his platoon of 53 Rashtriya Rifles (Punjab Regiment) to the cauldron. Attacked and outnumbered by a violent missile-throwing mob, the Major, whose responsibility it was to guide his men, Attacked and outnumbered by a violent missile-throwing mob, the Major, whose responsibility was to guide his men, the policemen and civilians to safety while avoiding casualties in a volatile environment, took hold of a protestor — Beerwah resident Farooq Ahmad Dar — strapped him to the jeep and salvaged the situation. At this point, let us take a look at some media reports. Hindustan Times quotes an official to report that "the stone attack sent things spinning out of control… it was do or die. The major who volunteered to serve in Kashmir took the call, deciding not to open fire and unleash bloodbath." According to NDTV, which quotes a security personnel, Major Gogoi and his men (including the poll officials and cops taken hostage) would have been "lynched by 400 people." The report adds: "As the crowd reportedly swelled ominously in size, a group of 15 army men led by a young officer appeared to be hopelessly outnumbered… 'They were sure to be lynched there since the crowd size increased and opening fire would have resulted in a bloodbath. To defend themselves, the Company Commander caught hold of a protestor and tied him to his jeep'." To sum up, Major Gogoi faced a unique situation that called for out-of-the-box thinking. He completed his mission without firing a single bullet or taking recourse to crowd control weapons such as pellet guns. Faced with the binary of either shooting his way out of trouble or fulfilling his mission without bloodshed, he chose an unconventional method that can admittedly never be part of any army's standard operating procedure but was hugely effective in the final outcome. Consider the huge collateral damage that would have been caused if Major Gogoi had opened fire on the irate mob instead. Not only would he have endangered the men and Election Commission officials, he would have been responsible for causing more bloodshed and loss of lives in the Valley and things could have gone totally out of control. Under the unique set of circumstances, by which stretch of the imagination was Major Gogoi's action a "war crime" or "violation of human rights"? When we talk about human rights, we forget that all other rights are subservient to the Right to Life. It is the most sacrosanct of all fundamental rights and "all other rights add quality to the life in question and depend on the pre-existence of life itself for their operation." If we fail to uphold Right to Life, then the entire Constitution falls apart and all discussions on it are rendered meaningless. By his extraordinary action, Major Gogoi upheld the most precious of all fundamental rights. It is instructive to note what Congress leader and Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh has written in his column for The Indian Express. Singh, a decorated soldier who served as Captain in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war, writes that what Major Gogoi did was "absolutely correct, and possibly the only sane and logical course of action available to him, in the circumstances… Unfortunately, there were not many willing to pat his back for his remarkable presence of mind and timely action that probably saved the lives of many of his men, for whom he was responsible as their officer in charge. Some feel I have gone too far in actually demanding a distinguished services medal for the daring officer. Is that so? Does an army officer not deserve a reward for saving lives?" Remarkably, the outrage brigade busy fulminating against Major Gogoi and accusing the Indian Army of violating human rights and the Geneva Convention have no alternative to offer except taking the high moral ground. A soldier and his men were trapped by a murderous mob and outnumbered 15 to 400. With less than a few seconds at his disposal to take a decision, that could be the difference between numerous deaths and saving of lives, the commander did what he thought was the best course of action. What other options could he have exercised to reach a similar outcome? It is still easy to understand the compulsions of an Omar Abdullah or a Mehbooba Mufti. However, those lecturing on morality, ethics, and human rights violations have not a single solution to offer beyond empty posturing. Pontification, after all, is a hugely satisfying experience. It makes us feel good about ourselves that we are morally superior to others. It also absolves us of all responsibilities of tackling difficult questions that have no easy answers. The army did the correct thing in ignoring the vapid noise and conferring Major Gogoi with the award. He richly deserves it. Published Date: May 23, 2017 05:02 pm | Updated Date: May 23, 2017 05:03 pm Also See JD(U) double standards lay bare as Sharad Yadav unleashes attack on Narendra Modi govt, Major Leetul Gogoi Kulbhushan Jadhav trial at ICJ: Pakistan must be allowed to save face, if retired naval officer is to be brought home Kulbhushan Jadhav trial at ICJ: We ought to ask this important question, 'Is he alive and well?' 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To all the H1B visas.. Better to be a lion in India than a monkey elsewhere....

To all the H1B visas.. Better to be a lion in India than a monkey elsewhere.... 🦁 In a poor zoo in India, a lion was offered not more than 1 kg of meat a day. The lion thought that its prayers were answered when one day a USA zoo manager visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to shift the lion to USA.. The lion was so happy and started thinking of a central A/C environment, a goat or two every day. On its first day after arrival, the lion was offered a big bag sealed very nicely for breakfast The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that it contained few bananas and some boiled vegetables. The lion thought that may be they cared too much for him as they were worried about his stomach as he had recently shifted from India. The next day the same thing happened. On the third day again the same food bag of bananas was delivered. The lion was furious; it stopped the delivery boy and blasted at him, 'don't you know that I am the Lion - king of the Jungle.. ? What's wrong with your management? Why are you delivering bananas and boiled vegetables to me daily?' The delivery boy politely said, "Sir I know you are the king of the jungle … But you have been brought here on a monkey's visa!!!!" Moral of the story: To all the H1B visas.. Better to be a lion in India than a monkey elsewhere.... Virus-free. www.avast

INDIA FIRST: Our Responsibilities Towards Nation-CAPT RAVI MAHAJAN

I. During my Army tenure, our CO (Commanding Officer) Lt. Col. Buruah used to relate a very inspiring story about War time Britain where he had served during World War II. Cigarettes were scarce since many factories producing cigarettes were diverted to other War effort. British Government decided to divert most of the limited cigarette production to the Armed forces. Informing the public of the decision on radio, only one announcement was made on BBC that civilians should purchase only specified quantity of cigarettes from the stores. He, very proudly used to tell us that though cigarettes were available in all stores as earlier, citizens would only buy the specified quantity as suggested in the announcement. No rationing or anything of the sort was felt necessary since civilians also wanted to contribute whatever they could towards war effort and felt that this was the opportunity for them through self denial-sacrifice, self discipline, character, patriotism & show support for their forces who were fighting the War on their behalf. After having been defeated in World War II and being the only country on whose populations, Atomic Bombs were ever used in human history, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing millions, both cities razed to the ground along with of other cities, Japanese Emperor informed the Japanese on radio about the defeat and surrender of Japanese forces. Even at that most trying time, he inspired them to leave the past behind and start working for a new Japan. Out of the ashes, emerged the present day Japan, limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture and quake-prone, but one of the Best Economies in the world. Incidentally, I was watching TV when 9/11 happened in US. It was horrific and unimaginable, the loss of human lives, fire & smoke, those beautiful buildings collapsing and in no time became rubble. Stern faced George Bush calling an Emergency meeting & all. But after the initial shock and horror was absorbed, reconstruction & rehabilitation started. Every body, be it civilians, forces, police, investigating agencies, politicians went about their jobs trying to build a bright future. There was never any blame game or criticism of the incumbent government. And no denying the fact that they did emerge out of the ashes with greater tenacity, regulations and rock like discipline and determination. There is no denying the fact that INDIA is looking up - Domestically as well as Internationally. Things are moving & moving fast. Biggest achievement of this government has been that Central Ministerial corruption has been eradicated effectively since there has been no scams in last three years of this government taking over which had become as common as the summer sun in earlier regime. Best part of this great upward movement has been that our vast rural population is in the loop, moving fast and upward with bank accounts, adhar & mobile connectivity, Cooking & Electricity provided to vast rural population and most of all, HOPE for the future and confidence that in this vast conglomerate that INDIA is, they also count. Internationally people are amazed to see all this and much more happening under a democratic regime with population nearing 1.3 billion making the slogan ' UNITY IN DIVERSITY' work which would be considered almost impossible anywhere else in the world. Our constitution guaranteeing Freedom of speech, expression, religion etc. maintained by & large. However, it is highly improbable that sometimes, somewhere things don't go wrong. In most of the places, government whether Central or State have effectively controlled the situation. But, exceptions in a diverse country like ours, will always be there. But unfortunately, for some, criticism and blame game seems to have become a full pass time. In no time, for anything going wrong, you see hundreds of posts suggesting, advising, criticizing and blaming the government or someone specific. Social media and internet makes it all so easy. As a democracy, they think that this is their right. Yes it is, I also agree. But why can't we see the POSITIVES too? No one has even thought of or tried to do things which have been accomplished already. Why can't we see the Vision, the Intention, Honesty of purpose in broader sense. Those in government are only professional politicians, not administrators, managers or executives. They have not gone to any of the IIMs. Moreover, in a complex country like ours, things are not easy to get done. But even 12-15 years olds, are criticizing the government on Kashmir policy, Naxals, Demonetization & complex Economic matters, communal strife and what not, on social media. Of course, our media has it's own sword to grind in matters so complex always harping on the Negatives completely ignoring the Positives and Accomplishments. We have elected a government in democratic transparent process which has absolute majority in Parliament, still is decent enough to continue with the coalition formed years ago. Their Intentions are good, to take the nation forward. Their achievements far outnumber failures. Our respect and clout in international circles have gone up like anything. Population wise we are the biggest working democracy in the world. Economically, we are on sound footing and rising. All this has not been easy to achieve. Much more is going to happen in future both in short and long term. Such criticism of the government coming from all irresponsible quarters remind me of my parents. They developed great interest in cricket in their old age. I am sure both of them never, perhaps saw a cricket ball or bat except on TV but criticized Gavasker and Tendulkar about their batting technique. After having lost the match, they usually criticized Kapil Dev for the poor captaincy and ineffective bowling changes. It makes me happy that those who are trying and accomplishing all those changes, are too busy in getting things done having no time for inglorious criticism and blame game. They are not alone but with a band of specialized brilliant brains to advise them on complex matters. But we need to be PATIENT. We gave SEVENTY Years to the earlier regime who did both right & wrong things. Present incumbents also deserve promised Five years to accomplish after which you can decide in 2019 and elect a government of your choice. Give them time now to work undisturbed and wait for that opportunity to change in 2019 like a mature person. Most of us know that Mr. Harish Salve charged only Rs ONE as his fees appearing as Defense Attorney for KULBHUSHAN JADHAV at The Hague. (It is said that Pakistan paid equivalent of Rs 40 crores for their Pak-British Attorney who lost the case). On behalf of proud Indians all over the world, I convey our Appreciation, Thanks and Gratitude to him for this act of Generosity & Patriotism. However, you may not be knowing that both PM Modi and External Affairs minister, Ms Sushma Swaraj, have been calling Jadhav's family personally many times since this matter has come up and informing them of the proceedings etc. PM Modi himself, often calls up the families of the martyrs, conveys Nation's Gratitude personally to them apart from all possible help. Many times in future too, many things will go wrong but control your impulse to criticize or blame someone and put yourself in place of 'wrongdoer'. CONTRIBUTE YOUR MIGHT, THE POWER OF ONE IN THE NATION'S BUILDING PROCESS. THAT IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR. PUT IN YOUR BEST IN WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING. THAT'S HOW NATION CAN GET GIGANTIC THINGS ACCOMPLISHED